Mai Jindo Pakistan

Who Is Mai Jindo?

Talking at a programme for the International Women’s Day at the Karachi Press Club on March 8, 2012, Mai Jindo said, “a woman can do anything she wants, if only she is committed to it.” Due to her paramount courage and obdurate determination, she is seen as a symbol of resistance against the oppressors because she, through her consistent and continuous exemplary struggle, successfully snatched justice from the unjust structure—thereby, the powerful culprits were punished. She stood as a lone fighter against the tyrants.

But justice did not come that easily to Mai Jindo, who is now in her 70s.

Her two daughters, Hakimzadi and Zaibunisa, set themselves on fire in September 1996, to protest the delays for the execution of the culprits.

In the village of Tando Bahawal, Sindh, a service major, Arshad Jamil, along with a contingent of Pakistan Army, raided and put 9 farmers in automobiles, took them to the banks of the Indus close to Jamshoro, and shot them dead.

The military officers alleged that the boys had been terrorists RAW operatives and belonged to the Research and Analysis Wing of the Indian Institute.

The media, however, uncovered the claims as phony and produced proof that the victims had been farmers concerned in a land dispute.

In June 5, 1992, a contingent of Pakistan Army, led by Major Arshad Jameel, had raided the Tando Bahawal village on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Sindh, kidnapped 9 villagers and later shot them dead on the financial institution of the Indus River near Jamshoro.

Later Army alleged that the villagers have been terrorists and have been the brokers of India’s intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing.

On 11 September 1996, two daughters of Mai Jindo, Hakimzadi, and Zaibunissa set themselves afire to protest delays within the execution of Major Arshad Jamil, convicted of murdering their brothers and seven other villagers.

They had been hospitalized in crucial condition and each later died.

Pakistan; Her Core Concern And Up To Date Threats

In 2004 after 22 years of Tando Bahawal incident and 18 years of Major Arshad Jamil’s execution, Government of Sindh had allotted 24 acres of land to each bereaved family in the Thatta district.

Later Mai Jindo told that the land allotted to the families was barren. In 2006 District Nazim Kunwar Naveed Jamil distributed compensation cheques for Rs4.550 million amongst family members of the victims of the Tando Bahawal carnage.

Mai Jindo: A Strong Dedicated Women’s Battle For Justice

Mai obtained a thunderous spherical of applause when she got as much as converse. “A lady can do something she wants if only she is dedicated to it,” she exclaimed. Mai lauded the position performed by the Sindhi print media, especially Daily Kawish, in serving to her quest to get justice.

After a long and painful struggle by Mai Jindo and her two self-immolated daughters, the Army dismissed Arshad Jamil and tried him by court-martial.

In October 1995, Arshad Jameel filed an enchantment petition with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, but his petition was dismissed.

Major Arshad Jamil was hanged in Hyderabad Central Jail on 28 October 1996.
Demand for Justice in Pakistan
Can the history repeat itself? Can we get justice for Arshad Sharif and hang the corrupt generals that were involved in his killing and the murder attempt on Imran Khan? Will this ever stop in Pakistan?

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