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Tom Cruise Had A Surprising Response To Emily Blunt Crying On Set

“I suppose it might’ve been great if they might have CGI’d them, however we wished to do it practically in a tactile means.” On the podcast, Emily Blunt talked about how Tom Cruise informed her not to be a “p—y” over the suits in Edge of Tomorrow.

It was not an overly critical insult to her as she laughed it off, and so they “got through” the robust shoot on the 2014 movie.

“It’s ludicrous that it is being spun as something that offended me. It didn’t,” says Blunt. “I shared the story as lightheartedly as it was meant by Tom. And it is still one thing we laugh about to today.” Now, in an exclusive statement shared with PEOPLE Monday, Blunt says her remarks were, “taken actually and absurdly out of context” by some media retailers and followers.

The story she shared involved a tricky love moment between the 2 actors after Blunt realized she would have to wear an 85lb costume whereas filming scenes for the film.

According to the Motion Picture Association, manufacturing designer Oliver Scholl and costume designer Kate Hawley had been liable for creating the ExoSuits, which reportedly weighed around 85 pounds. Director Doug Liman wished a “simplified and raw” look to them, per the MPA.

For Cruise, specifically, it took round half-hour just to get inside his suit when testing first started — and another half-hour to get out. By the time the shoot began, although, Cruise had reduce the time down to 30 seconds, per the MPA.

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Both Blunt and Cruise put on cumbersome exoskeleton costumes for the film, which help their characters struggle the aliens, referred to as “Mimics.” Luckily, Blunt took the comment properly and responded to Cruise by laughing it off. Blunt went on to say that she voiced her concern to Cruise about how she was going to manage to make it through manufacturing in an 85-pound swimsuit that weighed her down.

In addition to her Edge of Tomorrow anecdotes, Blunt hadn’t exactly been subtle when discussing her ideas about Cruise’s profession years before they filmed the 2014 movie. “I was like, ‘Tom I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this shoot’ and simply started to cry.” The “Devil Wears Prada” alum added that Cruise “stared at her” when she started crying out of frustration.

The Quiet Place star cited the film’s finances and scheduling of herself, her co-star, and Liman as the main roadblock in getting it made. The sci-fi film flopped at the box office by grossing $370 million off its $178 million finances, despite its constructive reception from critics.

Due to this, its unique name, Live Die Repeat, was utilized in some markets when it left the theater. Edge of Tomorrow with Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise was the theatrical name which a studio executive wished, going in opposition to the wishes of director Doug Liman.

Emily Blunt Recalls The Bold Words Tom Cruise Used After She Cried Because Of Heavy ‘edge Of Tomorrow’ Costume

The grueling production of the science-fiction motion film, which featured Blunt and Cruise tackling an alien species, referred to as for the celebrities to put on “enormous” suits to make the scenes as realistic as potential. While filming the 2014 sci-fi action movie, Cruise told Blunt to “stop being such a pussy” when it got here to donning an 85-pound costume, inflicting a panicked Blunt to laugh and settle down.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the “Devil Wears Prada” and “A Quiet Place” actor recounted her expertise engaged on “Edge of Tomorrow” to “SmartLess” co-hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. She stated that the sci-fi movie’s futuristic, mechanical costumes weighed about eighty five pounds, which pushed her to her breaking level in the future on set.

Blunt mentioned Cruise provided her robust love on the set of “Edge of Tomorrow” when she began to cry over her 85-pound costume. “We had to wear these monumental fits, which I assume would’ve been nice if we had CGI’d them, however we wanted to do it in a tactile method,” Blunt said in the course of the podcast, noting “there was nothing cozy about these suits.”

A sequel has been in development since April of 2016, with Liman expected to return as director. While a script was ready to roll in late 2019, the COVID well being crisis threw a wrench into the gears — both financially and schedule-wise. It’s no secret that Tom Cruise’s endurance threshold is much greater than that of the typical actor in Hollywood.

The dude punishes his body on an everyday basis — hanging off airplanes, holding his breath underwater for silly amounts of time, and experiencing several G forces — for our amusement at the movie theater.

Perhaps he is forgotten that the the rest of us aren’t in perfect shape, as a outcome of when Emily Blunt complained about the weight of the battle-suits in Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise mainly advised her to suck it up and quit whining.

Emily Blunt is setting the document straight about her story about Tom Cruise. “She’s innocent with out being naïve, and that makes her a pressure to be reckoned with,” defined the actress. Emily Blunt says she relied on some words of recommendation from Tom Cruise to help her through her difficult time making 2014’s Edge of Tomorrow.

Tommy McArdle is a digital information writer at PEOPLE masking stories across all of the brand’s verticals. Prior to becoming a member of PEOPLE, Tommy covered the leisure industry at Looper and sports at The Sporting News and There have been no harsh emotions towards the “Top Gun” star, as Emily readily admitted, “He is so brilliant in it.”

“It’s one of these things the place if Tom, Emily and I were to say, ‘We’re prepared to drag the trigger on this script,’ it is Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, the film will get made,” Liman remarked to Colliderseveral months prior. “That’s just about how Hollywood works. The stars are the gatekeepers.

If you could get Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to decide to the movie, it is going to happen.” It was so tough, actually, that EB says she was freaking out about it — breaking down on set and even crying at one level because she felt she wouldn’t be capable of proceed with the shoot … Which she says left Tom at a loss for words, as he did not actually know what to do. Despite failing at the field office, Edge of Tomorrow 2 could happen if Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are on board, according to Liman.

Hopes for a sequel to Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow sprung almost immediately following its box workplace success. However, after numerous script rewrites and concerns that the finances could be too excessive, it doesn’t seem all that likely that a major movement image sequel will be made, although discuss of a TV series has been stronger.

Emily Blunt has numerous action-focused roles underneath her belt, starring within the likes of “Sicario,” “A Quiet Place,” “Looper,” and “Jungle Cruise” over time. She additionally worked with Tom Cruise on Doug Liman’s “Edge of Tomorrow,” which sees Earth do battle with a relentless alien invasion, with Cruise’s reluctant soldier caught in a time-loop that resets each time he dies.

The function required two and a half months of training, which included figuring out with weighted vests because of how heavy the costumes have been over the five-month shoot. Indeed, it was the burden of the armor that brought Emily to tears in the future on set.

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