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Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Gets Spirited 5-Minute Ovation At Venice Film Festival

Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ – Festival this evening. Flanked by stars Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and Florence Pugh — who flew in late from the Budapest set of Dune 2 — Wilde saw her film receive a spirited five-minute-plus ovation.

Pugh got her own hearty welcome as she stepped onto the red carpet in her sparkling gown.

‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Venice Film Festival Photo Gallery: Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, Chris Pine

It has been Harry Styles-mania on the Lido today with fans camped out in front of the Sala Grande since early in the morning, braving the punishing sun with a sea of umbrellas.

In his review, Deadline’s Pete Hammond called Wilde’s film a “candy-coated psychological thriller” about “the terror imposed by men controlling women’s bodies.”

Earlier in the day, Wilde — who also co-wrote the film and co-stars in it — was joined by Styles, Pine and Chan to field questions from the media here. But the swirl of controversy involving Shia LaBeouf’s withdrawal from the project and questions over Florence Pugh’s absence from the press conference, were largely avoided.

Wilde addressed Pugh’s absence saying, “Florence is a force; we are so grateful she is able to make it tonight [to the premiere] despite being in production.” She refused to engage with speculation that suggested there might be other reasons. “As for all the endless tabloid gossip and noise out there, the internet feeds itself. I don’t feel I need to contribute to it. It’s sufficiently well-nourished.”

Don’t Worry Darling follows Alice (Pugh) and Jack (Styles) who seem lucky to be living in the idealized community of Victory, an experimental company town housing the men who work for the top-secret Victory Project and their families. The 1950s societal optimism espoused by their CEO, Frank (Pine) — equal parts corporate visionary and motivational life coach — anchors every aspect of daily life in the tight-knit desert utopia.

While the husbands spend every day inside the Victory Project Headquarters, working on the “development of progressive materials,” their wives — including Frank’s elegant partner, Shelley (Chan) — get to spend their time enjoying the beauty, luxury and debauchery of their community. Life is perfect, with every resident’s needs met by the company. All they ask in return is discretion and unquestioning commitment to the Victory cause.

But when cracks in their idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something much more sinister lurking beneath the attractive façade, Alice finds herself questioning exactly what they’re doing in Victory, and why.

The film opens domestically on September 23.


Whether it’s her worldly background, enigmatic smile, or cheeky sarcasm, there’s just something about actress Olivia Wilde that piques the curiosity of fans, male and female alike. The Love the Coopers star is charming, beautiful, and oddly mysterious. Find out what makes her so lovable with these interesting, little-known facts.

She grew up around celebrities.

The daughter of prominent international journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn, Wilde enjoyed a childhood full of celebrities. At age four, Wilde was once shooed away by future boss Mick Jagger when he caught her eavesdropping on a conversation between himself and diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

She’s named after a famous author.

Wilde’s original last name, Cockburn, isn’t the most suitable for a beautiful actress, so she understandably decided to go by a stage name. Why did she choose Olivia Wilde? According to Olivia, it was a tribute to author and playwright Oscar Wilde.

She drank real beer while filming “Drinking Buddies.”

That wasn’t colored water that Olivia Wilde was gulping down in the 2013 romantic comedy Drinking Buddies. Since the movie was filmed in a brewery, real beer was actually cheaper than water. She told Off Camera with Sam Jones: “We were hammered the entire movie.”

She has famous roots.

Wilde’s family has been famous for generations. Her paternal ancestors include politician George Arbuthnot and British colonial administrator Henry Arthur Blake, along with Sir George Cockburn, who ordered the 1814 burning of Washington.

She married a prince.

Most girls dream of marrying a prince, but Wilde actually did it. She eloped with Italian prince and filmmaker Tao Ruspoli when she was just 19 years old. The couple divorced after eight years, and she’s now married to actor Jason Sudeikis.

She didn’t let pregnancy slow her down.

Wilde continued to work toward the end of her pregnancy with first child Otis. In fact, she shot one of the scenes from horror film The Lazarus Effect while eight months pregnant. She has said that her pregnant belly was “a whole other horror movie.”

She has a super-cool tattoo.

Always proud of her family and heritage, Wilde’s wrist tattoo reads, “All Love, A.” Those are the last words her much-loved uncle, Alexander Cockburn, wrote to her, and it reminds her to love everyone.

Her babysitter was Christopher Hitchens.

Bestselling author and renowned intellectual Christopher Hitchens used to babysit little Olivia. The late Hitchens acknowledged her determination saying: “With Olivia you could tell it was going to be the movies or stage or TV or nothing.”

She learned to act in Ireland.

Considering that Wilde is part Irish and that her father grew up in Ireland, it makes sense that the actress chose to study her craft in Ireland. As a young woman, she graduated from the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.

She’s a foodie.

You can’t tell from looking at her, but Olivia Wilde loves to cook and go out to dinner (she captioned the image here “Working-mom-guilt special”). Wilde even remarked once that she would rather take 10 people out to dinner than buy an expensive outfit.

She’s a classic car buff.

As if she wasn’t sexy enough, Wilde’s interest in classic cars is just one more thing guys love about her. She reportedly owns a 1958 Chevy Biscayne and a 1959 Thunderbird convertible, and once owned a 1966 Lincoln Continental.

Her grandfather wrote “Beat the Devil.”

Olivia Wilde’s journalist grandfather Claude Cockburn wrote the novel Beat the Devil under the pseudonym James Helvick. The thriller was subsequently made into a film of the same title starring the legendary Humphrey Bogart.

She’s civic-minded.

In addition to her involvement with Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns, Wilde has donated time to a number of charitable organizations, even serving on the board of Artists for Peace and Justice.

She’s a pescatarian.

Voted PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010, Olivia Wilde has been vegetarian, vegan, and is currently a pescatarian—basically a vegetarian who eats fish or seafood. She’s outspoken about her health-conscious diet and encourages others to try veganism.

Her squad is the coolest.

Second only to Taylor Swift’s, Wilde’s list of friends is the most impressive we’ve ever seen. Her squad includes actor Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl), Megalyn Echikunwoke (House of Lies), and her super-sexy TRON: Legacy costar Garrett Hedlund.







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