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Pinocchio Jumps Into Live-Action in First Trailer for Disney+ Remake

Pinocchio might not be a real boy just yet, but he definitely is a real puppet. Disney Plus has released the first trailer for this movie, a live-action remake of the classic 1940 animated movie of the same name, which hits the service in September.

Based on the classic 1883 children’s book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” by Italian author Carlo Collodi, it stars Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, who provides his voice to the living puppet. Pinocchio is the creation of Geppetto (Tom Hanks), a childless woodcarver, who wishes on a star for Pinocchio to become a real boy.

His wish is heard by a Blue Fairy (Cynthia Erivo), who visits his shop and brings the puppet to life. An overjoyed Geppetto raises him like his own son, but for Pinocchio to become a real boy instead of just a living puppet, he’ll need to go on a coming-of-age journey and learn how to be selfless, brave and true.

In addition to Hanks, Ainsworth and Erivo, “Pinocchio” also stars Luke Evans, who previously played Gaston in the live-action remake of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” as the Coachman that operates the sinister Pleasure Island.

In addition, Joseph Gordon-Levitt voices Pinocchio’s companion and self-appointed “conscience” Jiminy Cricket, and Lorraine Bracco and Keegan-Michael Key provide additional voice over roles for the film.

“Pinocchio” is directed by “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” director Robert Zemeckis from a screenplay written by him and Chris Weitz, who produces with Andrew Milano. Jeremy Johns, Jacqueline Levine and Jack Rapke serve as the executive producers for the film.

Zemeckis’ frequent collaborator, Alan Silvestri, will compose the score for the film, in addition to collaborating with Glen Ballard, famous as the producer for Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill,” to write new songs for the film. “When You Wish Upon A Star,” the iconic signature song from the original animated film, will be performed in the remake by Erivo.

“Pinocchio” is not the only upcoming movie centered around the famous puppet. Earlier this year, Lionsgate Entertainment released “Pinocchio: A True Story,” an animated film starring Pauly Shore in the title role. Additionally, in December, Netflix is expected to release a stop-motion animated Pinocchio film starring Gregory Mann, Ewan McGregor and David Bradley, with Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson attached to direct. Other upcoming live-action remakes of Disney animated films include the theatrical release “The Little Mermaid,” scheduled for May 26, 2023, and “Peter Pan & Wendy,” which like “Pinocchio” will be a Disney Plus exclusive.

We’re getting 3 new Pinocchios, but only one of them is hot

We’ve hit peak Pinocchio season. The wooden marionette who wishes to be a real boy is just about everywhere. Disney’s live-action adaptation will launch on Disney Plus in September, and Guillermo del Toro’s highly anticipated stop-motion animated version of the story will hit Netflix in December.

It doesn’t end there — nope, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Sometime in 2023, video game Lies of P, which will meld Pinocchio’s story with Bloodborne-inspired gameplay, will launch on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

That’s a lot of Pinocchio, my friends! But only one of these Pinocchios has dared to go where no lad has ventured before. Only one of these Pinocchios is hot. And it’s not the stop-motion bark-looking guy.

Lies of P has a very different, distinctive take on Pinocchio — he now looks more like Timothée Chalamet. Or like an actor in Riverdale — or any show that hires hot actors to depict teens, who are not and do not actually look like teens. This Pinocchio is not a young boy at all.

Pinocchio dreams big but this Pinocchio has dreamed bigger. What a leap to go from this flamin’ hot Pinocchio:

Pinocchio casually looking at his flaming finger

To this guy:

Pinocchio in Lies of P, with one arm that’s a flaming sword.

A gameplay trailer for Lies of P was revealed during Tuesday’s Gamescom Opening Night Live. This steampunk hero can swap out arm pieces for various types of weapons, and he’ll be fighting his way back to Gepetto. It’s a large departure from the classic Pinocchio adaptions of yore — Lies of P is set in the city of Krat, which has become “a living hell filled with unspeakable horrors.” Though this one might come closest to capturing just how dark, genuinely brutal, and outright weird the classic book is.

Lest we forget, Pinocchio is canonically a liar. How will the game pull off his signature growing nose while maintaining his appealingly dour, emo look? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.








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