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TikTok Star Gabbie Hanna Posted Over 100 Videos In A Day & Fans Want Her To ‘Get Help’

Fans of the YouTube and TikTok star Gabbie Hanna are seriously concerned about the influencer’s well-being, after she posted dozens of videos showing her saying and doing some pretty bizarre things.

Hanna posted over 150 videos over the course of about 48 hours this week, with each one being watched hundreds of thousands of times. The clips show her dancing, singing, laughing and ranting about topics like religion, aliens and many other things that don’t all make sense.

She also said some questionable and racist stuff in a livestream Tuesday, prompting concern from her millions of followers on YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. Many of those followers have urged her to “get help,” and have called for someone close to her to do a wellness check.

She’s been posting TikTok videos almost non-stop ever since, though there was a four-hour break at one point.

“I’m OK,” she said after returning from that break.

In one of her TikTok videos, she talks about how she “teleported to heaven, through a temper tantrum, came back down here to save your souls, and I don’t give a f*ck if you believe me.”

One of the comments under the video read: “You can see by her eyelids how exhausted she is xxx. I hope you’re okay, babe.”

Many expressed concern for Hanna’s mental health and compared her actions to a “manic episode” and other disorders. However, she has not shared any diagnoses and there is no info at this point about what she’s going through.
“Where are her friends?” asked one commenter, after Hanna posted several similar videos in a row. “Her neighbours? Her family? Why is she still alone?”

A Twitter user posted a screen recording of a snippet from her TikTok live and wrote: “someone needs to check on Gabbie Hanna” as the caption.

“In all seriousness, I worry, and I hope Gabbie Hanna gets the help she needs. Someone in her life needs to do a wellness check on her,” wrote another Twitter user.

Another Twitter user wrote: “She says she died and went to heaven last night, is the son of god, second coming of Christ. She’s uploaded 45 videos to TikTok today and talks in riddles. It’s WILD.”

Hanna eventually revealed that police did show up for a wellness check. It seems they left their card and then allowed her to go back to what she was doing.

Her videos from Wednesday morning showed her letting a guy into the house whom she said is a stranger. The guy, named Nicholas, apparently asked her to use her washroom, entered her home and then prayed with her, despite her friends telling her to remove him from her house.

Fans were hopeful that Nicholas was actually there to help Hanna out.

“Y’all let’s hope Nicholas is actually a TikTok fan to has come to check on her disguised as a lost guy,” wrote one user.

“So this dude she doesn’t know just showed up at her house to pray with her?? This is so worrisome,” wrote another.

She was still posting videos as of 1 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday.

Who is Gabbie Hanna?

Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna is an American internet personality, comedian, two-time New York Times Best Selling author, actress, and singer-songwriter.

She was born on February 7, 1991, and is from New Castle, Pennsylvania,

She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and started uploading videos to Vine in late 2013.

She quickly accumulated five million followers, and started up a YouTube account with the name The Gabbie Show the following year.

In August 2022, she had millions of followers across the two platforms, where she still regularly posts.

Gabbie released her debut single Out Loud in 2017, and has gone on to release more music, including a debut album called Trauma Queen in July 2022.

She has also published two poetry books, Adultolescence (2017) and Dandelion (2020), both of which are New York Times Best Sellers.

On top of that, she has appeared in a number of shows and movies since 2014, including TV series Escape The Night.

She won the award for Storyteller at the Annual Streamy Awards in 2018.

Is Gabbie Hanna on social media?

Yes, Gabbie regularly posts Instagram.

You can follow her @gabbiehanna.

She also has a Twitter account under the title Trauma Queen.

Gabbie is a regular on TikTok, but in August 2022 fans became worried about her after she posted 117 strange videos, many of which are about religion and other deep topics, in 24 hours.

However, the internet star insisted throughout the videos that she was fine.

Gabbie has also been known to take extended breaks from social media on a few different occasions.

What is Gabbie Hanna’s net worth?

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Gabbie has a net worth of around £2million.

The site names some of Gabbie’s successes as her song Out Loud and her poetry book Adultolescence.

Does Gabbie Hanna have a boyfriend?

In August 2022, it appeared that Gabbie was single.

However, she was said to have split with long-term boyfriend Payton Saxon just months earlier as they “didn’t have the same plans for the future”.








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