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Try Biotin Rich Foods For Better Health

For this festive season, do you want perfect hair and skin? Do you also wish to feel and look healthy? Feeling this way about ourselves, without any makeup or pretty dresses is very much possible. Although nothing is wrong with makeup and clothes, they help in enhancing ourselves. However, true confidence comes from within, when we feel good about ourselves (hint: also biotin). Somewhere in the midst of ongoing lockdowns and busy schedules, we’ve stopped taking care of ourselves and our diet. When we’re not eating right, we feel unhealthy which can affect our confidence.

However, it can be changed. You don’t have to make a new year’s resolution just on the 1st of January. You can start now. Make a resolution of eating healthy food and following a healthy diet for yourself and you’re well-being. The most effective diet that can benefit your skin, hair, nails as well as your liver, nervous system and immunity is biotin. It can offer you amazing benefits such as an increase in energy. Remember how we said you’d be ready to strut the red carpet anytime, anywhere? It’s because biotin would offer you that spirit, strength as well as perfect hair and skin. Read further to understand how a biotin diet and foods rich in biotin can help you achieve your dream self.

What Is Biotin?

What Is Biotin?

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Biotin, also known as Vitamin H or vitamin B7, is a very important nutrient. It is generally used for the healthy functioning of our bodies and also for the conversion of food into energy. It isn’t normally stored in bodies due to its water-soluble nature. This vitamin offers us benefits to maintain our overall health. It helps in making our hair thick and our skin glow. Brittle fingernails? Not anymore because biotin cures that as well. It boosts metabolism and keeps your cholesterol level in check. Biotin is extremely beneficial during pregnancy and helps in delivering healthy babies. If you consume biotin regularly, you’ll also notice your muscles being strengthened and your overall wellness in yourself.

Let’s look at foods rich in biotin to help you achieve your goal.


Foods Rich In Biotin: Milk

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Milk is rich in biotin and gives you the benefits you need. As mentioned, it helps in strengthening your muscles. It develops healthy teeth, bones and provides overall health benefits. Since it contains biotin, it makes your hair thicker and quickens its growth.

Tip:Drinking milk every day in the morning can increase your overall well-being quickly.

Sweet Potatoes

Foods Rich In Biotin: Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes have biotin as well as beta-carotene which is an antioxidant. Cooked sweet potatoes have 2.4 micrograms of biotin. They boost your skin health and help in replacing damaged skin cells. Along with these benefits, having sweet potatoes regularly can also promote your eyesight and regulate your hemoglobin content.

Tip:Besides having them boiled, you can also bake them or add them to your soups.

Plain Yoghurt

Foods Rich In Biotin: Plain Yogurt

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Plain yoghurt contains the most biotin. It is equally rich in vitamin D and calcium which are necessary for overall health. It helps in preventing dry hair and hair fall. Having yoghurt is actually a great way of fighting weakness and frail bones as they are a rich source of calcium. It increases the immunity in your body, thanks to healthy gut bacteria. So, one cup of yoghurt can actually keep the doctor away.

Tip:Yoghurt can also be used as a hair mask on your dry or frizzy hair as a conditioning mask.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Foods Rich In Biotin: Green Leafy Vegetables

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As children weren’t we always told the importance of green leafy vegetables in our diet and how they are important for our health? It was true then and it still is true today. Leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli contain biotin which works wonders for our overall well-being. Be it the digestive system, the immunity, or even your eyesight. They are rich in vitamins C and K that are important for our skin, the health of our bones and for blood clotting. Spinach also helps in increasing iron in your body.

Tip:Having a cup of spinach smoothie every morning strengthens your digestive system.


Foods Rich In Biotin: Bananas

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Bananas contain biotin as well as potassium and fibre. They increase your energy, give you a satiety feeling and keep your weight in check. It also betters your digestive system and regularises bowel movements which are key to good health.

Tip:Have two bananas on empty stomach after coming back from your workout and notice the difference a few days later.


Foods Rich In Biotin: Avocado

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Avocado is considered the healthiest fruit of all. Its biotin content lies somewhere between 3.2 and 100 mcg. Vitamin E in avocado helps in protecting your skin and your hair against oxidative stress. This is the perfect fruit for skincare junkies. Try avocado and you’ll finally get your desired results!

Tip:Not a fan of the fruit? You can have baked avocado chips.


Foods Rich In Biotin: Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is the healthiest way to start your day. It’s rich in biotin and can provide endless health benefits if eaten regularly. Apart from the usual benefits of biotin, oatmeal also helps in controlling your cholesterol level and maintaining a healthy body weight. It also reduces the chances of cancer and diabetes. Since it’s known for providing healthy body weight, it also reduces the chances of obesity.

Tip:If you’ve added fruits to your oatmeal then don’t add extra sugar.


Foods Rich In Biotin: Cauliflower

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Raw cauliflower has 17 micrograms of biotin. But to experience the actual benefits of biotin, you must have this vegetable in raw form. Only then can you receive most of the nutrients. This vitamin is water-soluble, which is why it must be eaten in a raw way.

Tip:You can use the raw cauliflower as a topping or mix it in a salad for it to taste better.


Foods Rich In Biotin: Almonds

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Biotin is present in almond nuts as well. It has 1.7 micrograms of biotin. There are a few more beneficial nutrients in it such as vitamin E, magnesium and fibre. Almonds also help in keeping your weight healthy and in check.

Tip:You can take 20 almonds a day but not more than that because the only downside is that it is high in calories.


Can biotin help in maintaining diabetes?

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Q. Can biotin help in maintaining diabetes?

A. Biotin helps in lowering sugar levels to those mostly type 2 diabetes. The cells that are responsible for enhancing insulin in the body, biotin enhances its operation. Thus, it’s very helpful in maintaining diabetes.

Q. Are there any side effects of biotin?

A. No side effects of biotin have been found as of now. However, in our day-to-day lives, we consume enough biotin as is. Only increase the intake of biotin if advised by a doctor.

Q. What are the signs of biotin deficiency?

A. Symptoms of low biotin or biotin deficiency can be hair fall, hair thinning, higher cholesterol, heart risks, rashes on the skin, brittle nails, digestive issues, muscle pains, irritated skin, experiencing fatigue and tiredness, experiencing cramps, sudden mood changes. If you experience these things, consult a doctor.









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