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Work On Improving Your Relationship With Your Dad With This Guide

Maybe your dad has never expressed his love for you as openly as your mom, or maybe you’ve had your share of arguments over the years with him because the two of you have never seen eye to eye on any topic, but the truth is that your dad sure does love you and care about you. So why not try and improve your relationship with him starting today? Read on for some tips.

Figure Out What’s Wrong

This requires deep introspection. You can’t just blame your dad for all that’s wrong between you and him. Perhaps your expectations are different and you’re blind to the things he does for you to show he cares. Take time out to think about all the times you’ve been disappointed, the fights you’ve had, and find a pattern. You’re sure to find the answer.


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Work On It

If you’re able to find the solution by yourself, great! You can also consider taking an expert opinion – that of a counsellor or therapist – to talk about any issues or mental or emotional roadblocks. Work on yourself, where required.

Change Your Point Of View

Perhaps you’ve realised what it really is about your dad that ticks you off. Maybe he always criticises you, but that could just be his way of pushing you to excel. Try to look at things from his perspective. Ask yourself what would you do in a similar situation, or how would you rather have your dad handle it.


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Once you realise what the probable reason for you two drifting apart is, make the effort to reconnect with him. Remember, your dad loves you, so even if you’ve not spoken to him or met him in a while, if you reach out to him, he’s sure to welcome you with open arms. Take the help of your mom or another family member, if required

Act On The Learnings

Simply knowing what’s wrong in any relationship won’t make any difference; you have to apply the learnings to daily life to bring about change. So, if you want your relationship with your father to improve, work for the same. Change how you behave, act, react. At the same time, sit down to have an honest conversation with your dad. Be calm and patient as you don’t want this to turn into another argument. Say your piece, accept your mistakes, tell him about your expectations, and what you would like him to do differently.


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Getting Close

Talk about things of common interest or do an activity together. Even going out for grocery shopping can help you bond. Avoid topics that you know will turn into an argument. Set clear boundaries for both of yourselves and respect them. Reminisce the good times you’ve shared, and look forward to celebrating more happy moments together, like Father’s Day, birthdays, and more.

Common topic of conversation

Common topic of conversation

Talk to your father about things he finds interesting, and so do you. There is a tendency to get lost in conversations that don’t interest you, and it isn’t the cleverest thing to do. You should pick topics from around the world, from your occupation, school or college and then make it a daily thing to talk about.

Cook for him

Your father loves food, and this is the best fathers day gift from daughter because there’s nothing that warms a father than when he sees his daughter grow up and do great on her professional and personal front. Make it a weekly thing and on every Sunday, make great food for him and the family and make conversations.

Take advice

Your father is the best advice you can have in life, and there is no doubt it in any sense. You may be looking for father’s day special gift ideas, but this is the best gift your father can give to you and the best you can ask him for. Go to him with problems that worry you, and he will give you solutions that will change your perspective.

Find time

Find time for your father. It should never be the other way round. In a generation like this, our parents live in big doubt if there are children who are willing to have a conversation, and you have to prove to them that you are interested in a healthy growing family and that they are an unprecedented part of your life.

Do things together


Go dancing class together, go to the park and exercise, do things that make you both happy and do them every day. Things like these bring you two together and take you on a journey of togetherness and love.

Gift him often

Get fathers day gift from son and daughter for your father and gift him the best by choosing an online portal that sees what holds your heart. Get a wallet, a keychain, a personalised mug or cushion, wine or beer glass, planters, cakes and a lot of other things.

Grooming sessions

Your father will never remember to care for himself the way he should, especially when he has too many responsibilities on his shoulder. Although you can gift him a grooming kit or take him to the salon and get a makeover done once a month or more.

Take an interest in his favourite things


To make friends with your father, the best thing to do is to take an interest in what he finds interesting. It is crucial that he knows that you are looking forward to being like him and to make a place in your life.

Let him in your life


Don’t let your father feel like an outsider who knows very little about his child. Instead, tell him everything or even let him be friends with you on social media and therefore become best friends with you who knows everything and is there for you too.

No secrets policy

Don’t keep any secrets from your father no matter what. If you think that your father will have a controversy with it or won’t approve, it’s only because you think that what elders are like. Although if you will tell him things, he will only have advice for you.







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