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Avoid These Mistakes In A Friends With Benefits Situation

If there’s one thing that we learned from Jamie and Dylan in Friends With Benefits, it’s that hooking up with your best friend can often lead to trouble. We’re not saying you shouldn’t! On the contrary, it’s easy to see why a no-strings arrangement with a friend or a partner can be appealing to many. It’s more than a one-night stand but less than boyfriend/girlfriend status, yet it fills a need without deep-diving into anything too serious. But, in spite of all the benefits the situation has to offer, there are certain challenges too that it comes with. Curious? Here are some mistakes that you need to avoid in a friends-with-benefits situation.

Be Honest About Your Intentions
We’ll let you in on a secret—a friend with benefits situation only works out when both the parties are clear about their intentions for each other. If you’re sleeping with a friend who likes you and hopes you might want to get into a relationship with them, then it’s only going to hurt you both in the long run. This is exactly why you both should be having an honest talk about your expectations and intentions right at the beginning.

Don’t Behave Like You’re In A Relationship
You can’t be in a friends-with-benefits situation and expect your partner to accompany you to the doctor or to your cousin’s wedding. Boundaries are extremely important so that it stays purely sexual and doesn’t stray into relationship territory.


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Don’t Get Too Attached
Rule number one of any friends with benefits arrangement is to not get attached. Yes, they’re you’re friend and you’re allowed to have feelings for them- but only feelings that you’d typically have for your other friends. If you find yourself starting to have feelings for your partner, it’d be wise to take a step back, figure out your situation, and then continue if you feel like it.

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations
Just because you’re sleeping with your friend, doesn’t mean you expect them to be available for you every time you need them. Additionally, if you’re in the situation expecting it to become something more, we hate to break it to you but you’re going to wind up disappointed.


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Put Friendship First
An FWB arrangement probably means that the two of you are going to go back to being friends when you’re tired of it or when one of you finds a potential new love interest. This is why it’s important to focus on being a good friend throughout your FWB period, so that the transition back to being friends is seamless and uneventful.

Spice Things Up! 6 Positions You Need To try For Hotter Sex

When it comes to sex positions, you might have a few favourites that you rely on, from the standard missionary to the interesting cowgirl. But, as with all other things, you’ll find that variety can help spice things up and bring something fresh and exciting to the bedroom.
Looking for new positions to try? These orgasm-inducing positions are guaranteed to make your next session a whole lot exciting! Have a look:

The Wheelbarrow
If you’re looking for a position that provides a deeper penetration and gives your partner an amazing view of your assets, then the wheelbarrow’s for you!
Here’s how to do it: Get on your hands and feet and have your partner pick you up by the pelvis. For support, grip their waist with your thighs.

Doggy Style
This one’s a classic! If you’re not familiar with the position, here’s how to do it. Doggy-style is a rear-penetration position, where you can get no a hands-and-knees position and your partner enters from behind.

 sex positions

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The X Factor
Think of the X factor as a missionary position but with a twist.
All you need to do is lie back and relax, while your partner enters you from the missionary position. Then, they slide their chest and legs off your body so their pelvis is in the same location but their limbs form an X with yours.

If you and your partner enjoy a intimate position, then you’re going to love the face-off! In the position, one partner sits at the edge of a bed, or on a chair. The other one sits on top, facing forward. You can grind on one another, thrust up for penetration and have fun with your hands!

 sex positions

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To master the move, start by lying down near the edge of a bed or the sofa, rest on your hip and forearm and press your thighs. Your partner can stand and straddle you from behind. Apart from delivering mind-blowing orgasms, it’s also perfect for when you’re feeling lazy– so the next time you’re in bed on a weekend, you know the position you want to try!

Pretzel Dip
To try the pretzel dip, lie on your right side, have your partner kneel and you can lock your legs behind them. With the position, you get to enjoy deeper penetration and can and can maintain eye contact with your partner.







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