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These Benefits Of Learning Calligraphy Will Amaze You

Whenever people think of calligraphy, they always think, “Oh, it’s some sort of fancy writing.” Calligraphy, however, is not just about beautiful handwriting, the art goes much deeper than that. For one, it helps relieve stress.

It also improves concentration and stimulates creativity, apart from helping to develop fine motor skills. Being able to create beautiful lettering can help you to feel better and confident. Pooja Bhagwat, Founder of Ink n Bliss, a calligraphy and design studio, elaborates further.

It Is A Form Of Meditation

It Is A Form Of Meditation

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Whenever I sit to do calligraphy, I forget everything that’s on my mind and feel like I am transported to a different planet. At the time, for me, only my ink, my creativity and the paper exist. It is deeply meditative and relaxing. With each and every stroke you create, your attention and focus moves further into what you are doing. Owing to that concentration, your mind starts to forget the other problems. Calligraphy forces us to slow down, focus and breathe. It helps relieve stress and feel relaxed.

It Enables Gratitude

It Enables Gratitude

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As kids we always used to enjoy everything that came our way, but as we get older, circumstances often get the better of us. This leads to stress and us being enveloped by negativity. This can lead to losing our belief in love and humanity. When you start your day writing a beautiful letter to a loved one – parents, partners, kids, siblings, friends – engaging in your calligraphy skills, you will have a sense of gratitude.

I recently I wrote a heartfelt letter from a husband to his 81-year-old wife. It moved me. I keep reading and writing beautiful sentiments of people and see their urge to convey their feelings to their loved ones in the most beautiful ways. It helps me believe more in the goodness of people.

It Helps Connect Better With Others

It Helps Connect Better With Others

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We have all experienced writing with pen on paper at some point in our lives. Although we are powered with smartphones and other devices, personally written notes help us connect with people faster. This is especially true for me during live events when people see me writing, they initiate conversations out of curiosity. Many mention how the miss the handwritten touch. So why wait until you miss it much? Get up and start writing beautifully today!

It Creates A Lasting Impression

It Helps Connect Better With Others

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Calligraphy is a whole lot of fun for me, besides the fact that it brings joy to the people I do it for. It’s a lovely way to create something meaningful for others. People will know that you have spent some time making drafts and writing their names. The gesture will remain with them for a long time to come. In today’s digital world with people being lost in messages, updates and emails that little gesture of an artistically handwritten note will stand out. They will be excited and treasure it.

Learning calligraphy is absolutely worth it. I encourage you to pick up your pen and start today!

6 Calligraphy Tips for Every Skill Level

1. Start Learning with the Right Supplies

Would-be calligraphers often abandon their interest in the art after they try out cheap, readymade calligraphy kits. It’s important to remember, though, that kit manufacturers generally compromise material quality to make a profit. Oftentimes, the supplies included in these kits aren’t well suited for beginners! Plastic oblique pens can lead to unnecessary frustration, and high-flex nibs result in ink spatters and pressure exertion issues. Also, paper matters so much! Ordinary printer paper soaks up ink like crazy, which results in fuzzy, unclear strokes.

The Beginner's Guide to Modern Calligraphy | The Postman's Knock
If you’re just starting out with calligraphy, gather your own beginner-friendly supplies! You can find a list of supplies and links to buy them in this blog post.

Instead of buying a readymade kit, I beseech you to make your own. Really: it will be cheaper and higher quality than what you’ll find in big box stores. Furthermore, you’ll have a much higher chance of success with your DIY calligraphy starter kit! You can learn about how to put together your own starter kit in The Ultimate Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit post.

2. Gradually Add to Your Calligraphy Collection

Once you have mastered calligraphy with the basic supplies, you’re ready to start growing a collection. There are all sorts of nibs, inks, papers, and pens out there! A word of caution: resist the temptation to buy a lot of things at once. Instead, add to your collection with intention. Acquire just a few supplies every so often, and allow yourself some time to get acquainted with those supplies.

Intermediate Calligraphy Supplies | The Postman's Knock
It’s okay to have a large collection of calligraphy supplies, but try to grow it slowly! That way, you can get to know each supply as you receive it.

It may be exciting to receive ten bottles of ink in the mail, but it’s overwhelming to try out every single one of them right then and there. Instead, do yourself and the calligraphy supplies a favor. Buy a couple supplies at once, and give each supply a fair shot. Challenge yourself to make several projects with each supply and get to know its quirks! Otherwise, you’ll end up like me and have a closet full of ink (a lot of which can grow mold — and probably is growing mold), nibs, and pens that you never use.

3. Embrace Birthdays and Holidays as Practice Opportunities

Birthdays and holidays are an amazing motivator to create some of your best work! There’s a big incentive in making someone you care about feel special with handmade work. Plus, you have a deadline — which is helpful to those of us who aren’t so great at finishing projects!

Calligraphy Birthday Card Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
Try making the Calligraphy Birthday Card Tutorial for plenty of quality calligraphy practice!

If you want to use your calligraphy skills to make something, you need but look at your calendar. If no one has a birthday coming up in the near future, no problem: make a card now, and save it until the date rolls around. Remember, too, that it’s never too early to make holiday calligraphy. I regularly receive emails from readers in the summer asking about holiday tutorials. They’ve got the right idea: this time of year can be crazy, so it’s nice to have a handmade card or envelope art ready to send!

4. Don’t Let the Pros Discourage You

I post on Instagram every day, and many times, I’ll receive self-depreciating compliments from people that make me cringe. Comments like “I could never do that,” pop up a lot. Those sorts of comments make me worry that people will get discouraged and stop trying. I mean, truly: I want you to remember that, first of all, everyone starts somewhere. Every single calligrapher was once at your skill level.

6 Calligraphy Tips for Every Skill Level | The Postman's Knock
This is some of my work from 2012.

Secondly, as I’ve mentioned before here on the blog, most of the photos that calligraphers post on social media are styled. I mean, I love the photo below from the Christmas Tree Holiday Envelope Art Tutorial, but, let’s be honest: it’s idealized. The envelope rests on a buttery silk handkerchief, a beaded garland twinkles around it, and lace peeks out of the corners of the photo. This picture is beautiful, but it’s not real life.

Christmas Tree Holiday Envelope Art Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
So why post idealized photos like this in the first place? For me, photography is another part of the artistic process. It’s fun to figure out what props will enhance the look of something that I made!

Listen: exercising your creativity is something that you do for your personal well-being. Who cares if someone else’s work seems to look better than yours? As long as it makes you happy to create calligraphy, then that truly is all that matters.

5. Take Photos

As you create more and more calligraphy, your skill level will improve. It happens so gradually, though, that it’s difficult to notice. Keeping a photographic record helps you to clearly see your progress!

How I Learned Calligraphy | The Postman's Knock
These two photos are from 2013.
Janet Style Calligraphy Envelope | The Postman's Knock
This Janet Style calligraphy envelope photo is from a couple of months ago. There’s a big difference in skill level between this calligraphy and the calligraphy in the previous photo!

You don’t have to show your photos to anyone, but if you want encouragement or to swap tips, you can post them to social media. Instagram in particular has an encouraging and supportive calligraphy community. Just make sure you add appropriate hashtags (for example: #calligraphy, #moderncalligraphy, #calligraphybeginner, #dippen, #pointedpen, etc.) so people can find your work!

6. Remember That the Pursuit of Perfection Will Lead to Disappointment

Even if you’re not comparing yourself to others, you’ll often hear a nagging voice of critique in your head as you work on projects. The voice may tell you that your letters look juvenile or that you made your “B” too big. It will pick the project apart until you look at it and only see imperfections.

Simple Calligraphy Medallion Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
I can spot plenty of errors in this calligraphy medallion. It’s taken an attitude adjustment for me to be able to enjoy looking at my work despite noticing mistakes!

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that only you notice the subtle mistakes. Your errors may seem obvious, but other people often won’t spot them. You have to learn to step back and view your work as someone else would. Don’t let the little things bother you, and if you really did make a big mistake, then let yourself learn from it! Keep in mind that hand-written calligraphy appeals to people precisely because of its imperfections. Otherwise, we would all be using computers and printers to write out addresses.








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