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Have You Heard About Oral Detox? Here Are Ways To Care For Your Teeth

Detoxing and cleansing aren’t just for the body and skin. Our oral health, as well as maintaining our teeth healthy and clean, are both important. Because our teeth and mouth come into contact with the food we eat, it is critical that we practise good oral hygiene. “Oral Detox though not much talked about it’s something most of us follow unknowingly and that should be followed for sure.

It’s one of the easiest detoxes to follow and can really improve your oral health, give long life to your teeth, improve confidence by improving breath freshness, and in turn save you from many more health issues,” says Dr Gunita Singh, BDS MD Dental Lasers, Director Dentem, and Associate Consultant Sir Ganga Ram Hospital who shares the following ways to perform easy to do oral detox plan that will ensure a bright and happy smile.


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Here are five ways to oral detox:

Don’t Forget To Brush Twice A Day: Whether it’s morning or night, brushing is a must. Due to busy schedules, people usually forget to brush at night or take it for granted, but this is the biggest mistake that they do. For maintaining oral hygiene, brushing twice is the key essential thing to follow.

Gum Massages: Spend some time with your gums as they are the foundation of your teeth. Healthy gums are equal to healthy teeth. Massaging in a circular motion for 5 mins in the morning and evening with the oil of your choice (olive oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil) can do wonders for your gums.


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Tongue Cleaning Should Be On Priority: Once a day, tongue cleaning with glycerin and cotton pad can prove to be magical not only for the lovely pink tongue but also for the bacteria-free oral cavity.

Mouth Wash: rinse your mouth after every meal 2-3 times with a mouth wash of your choice swirl it for at least 30 seconds each for best results.

Water Pik: This is a revolution use water pik at least 2-3 times a week and see the magic it will clean the inside of your gums and teeth where the brush can’t reach.

Apple A Day: Also, if you add an apple to your diet every day it can do wonders. Apple is also called a natural toothbrush to help keep your oral cavity clean so apple after the meal is a blessing.

All this might take about 10 minutes in the morning and evening but can really save you and your pocket both from dental trauma.

5 home remedies to naturally whiten your teeth

Teeth are said to be the window to your personality and there are numerous factors that may cause them to become dull and lose their shine. At times certain foods end up staining the enamel (the outer layer of teeth) of our teeth. Also, at times the accumulation of plaque can cause teeth them to look yellow. But this type of discoloration can be easily treated with some very useful home remedies and here’s a look at five of them.

Coconut oil
Yes, you read that right! Coconut oil can actually clean your teeth. Just take a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it inside for five minutes. You can also add a few drops to your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it for five minutes. Just rinse your mouth afterwards and you will love the results.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has compounds like acetic acid, potassium and magnesium which kill the bad bacteria and break down plaque. Also, the pH in apple cider vinegar removes the stains from your teeth. All you have to do is rub some apple cider vinegar on your teeth for two minutes and rinse your mouth with water thereafter.

Lemon peel
Lemon has natural bleaching agents and lemon peel can actually clean your teeth. Just rub lemon peel onto your teeth and rinse our mouth afterwards.

If you love eating strawberries, then there’s a good news for you. Rubbing or eating strawberries can whiten your teeth naturally, thanks to the beneficial antioxidants it contains.

Baking soda
Everyone knows the cleansing properties of baking soda and it can actual work wonders for your teeth. Mix a little baking soda with water. Apply some of this paste on your tooth brush and brush your teeth for a minute or so. Rinse your mouth thereafter.








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