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Birth Month Flowers & What They Represent

Birth month flowers can be great references for gifts. For instance, you might be struggling to think of what to give your best friend. If they’re a fan of flowers, then why not give them a bouquet of the official flower for their birth month?

Many people also like to get tattoos of their birth month flowers. To them, a birth month flower tattoo acts as a symbol of their identity. It also expresses a meaning visually, since birth flowers have specific meanings.


Some people don’t know their birth flowers, let alone what they are. While it isn’t necessary to know what the birth flower is for each month, it certainly is a fun thing to learn. If you’re interested in learning about the different birth month flowers and their meanings, then read on!

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What are birth month flowers?

For years now, people have ascribed a specific flower or flowers for every month. They call these birth month flowers. Every month has its own flower, and no birth month flowers overlap. There are usually two flowers every month: the birth flower and a secondary flower.

This is like how people also have birthstones, zodiac signs, and Chinese Zodiac signs. For example, people born in the first half of September are Virgos, and their birthstone is sapphire. Their Chinese Zodiac sign, however, depends on their year of birth.

Where did birth month flowers come from?

Official birth month flowers have existed for the longest time. Because of this, its exact history is unknown. However, some believe that birth flowers originated in Ancient Rome.

Historians argue that the Roman Empire began the tradition of celebrating birthdays. To celebrate birthdays, they gave the celebrant gifts. A common gift back then was a bundle of flowers. This then led to assigning flowers for every birth month.

Why do people believe in birth month flowers?

People often have tattoos of their birth month flowers. In a way, birth month flowers give people a sense of identity. It helps them associate their birth months with something as beautiful as nature.

Furthermore, birth month flowers also have specific meanings. Many believe that a birth month flower and what it represents also suits the person’s personality. This is similar to the stereotypes given to specific zodiac signs. For instance, those who are Cancers are often emotional. Similarly, people with the June birth month flower are said to be romantic.

Aside from this, people also believe in floriography or the language of flowers. As a language, it allows people to communicate their feelings uniquely. Giving somebody a specific flower will send a specific message across. For instance, sending your lover a bouquet of red roses symbolizes passionate love and desire. This same concept also applies to birth month flowers. People who believe in the language of flowers also believe in the meanings of birth flowers.

With the history and definition out of the way, it’s now time to answer the question, “What are the birth flowers for each month?”

anuary Birth Month Flowers

January Birth Month Flowers - Carnation and Snowdrop

If you’re a Capricorn or Aquarius, then your birth month flower is likely the carnation. The secondary flower for January is the snowdrop. These birth month flowers bloom even in the winter. This makes them perfect for January when cold weather and snow continue to persist as winter takes its last legs.


Carnations are one of the few flowers that bloom in the winter. There are many types of carnations. There are red, pink, purple, and yellow carnations. Because they are so colorful, carnations are often the go-to for bouquets and flower arrangements.

There is a specific meaning for each color of carnation. Generally, however, carnations symbolize love, admiration, and remembrance. They also symbolize rebirth and hope. This makes them suitable to be the January birth flower as it is the first month of the year.


As the name suggests, snowdrops are flowers that only grow in the cold. They dislike warm climates, so you won’t be finding them growing in parks in South California or Florida. Snowdrops are white flowers that look like bulbs. Because it is pure white, it contrasts well with the vibrant carnation.

Like carnations, snowdrops symbolize rebirth. They also symbolize the ability to overcome life’s trials and challenges.

Together, the January birth month flowers are all about new beginnings. Sending a bouquet of carnations and snowdrops to your friend means wishing them well as they celebrate another birthday.

February Birth Month Flowers

February Birth Month Flowers - Violet and Primrose

Contrary to popular belief, the February birth month flowers are not roses. Red roses might be the go-to for Valentine’s Day presents, but they don’t have to be the go-to for birthday gifts too. For February babies, their birth month flower is violet. The secondary flower is the primrose.


Some people might not believe violets to be suitable for the month of love, but violets are actually flowers with heart-shaped petals. In the past, Ancient Greeks used them to make medicine, wine, and even love potions. This makes them perfect for the month of love’s birthday celebrants.

Despite the name, violets also bloom in different colors. There are blue violets, cream violets, and even yellow violets. These flowers represent faithfulness, wisdom, and humility.


The primrose, or English primrose, is a plant native to western and southern Europe, southwest Asia, and northwest Africa. Like violets, the primrose also has different colors. Western and southern Europe primroses are yellow. Meanwhile, pink, red, and purple primroses grow in southwest Asia. White primroses can also be found in some parts of Spain.

Primroses symbolize young love. They are also symbols of femininity. The term, “primrose,” comes from the Latin word “prima rosa,” which directly translates to “feminine rose.”

Together, February’s birth month flowers symbolize young love and wisdom. Sending your friend violets and primroses for their February birthday is a way to celebrate their youth and humility.

March Birth Month Flowers

March birth flowers - daffodil and jonquil

The March birth flowers are the daffodil and jonquil. For most parts of the world, March is the beginning of spring. This makes bright daffodils and jonquils perfect for March.


Most daffodils are bright and yellow. However, they also grow in different colors, such as orange and white. Another name for daffodils is trumpet narcissus.

Daffodils symbolize prosperity, good luck, and optimism. They can also mean new beginnings as these bright flowers bloom at the beginning of a new season.


These flowers might be less famous, but jonquils are also vibrant flowers that often adorn gardens. They are native to the Mediterranean, and they are common ingredients in perfumes. Like daffodils, jonquils are usually yellow or white.

Jonquils are often associated with the Greek myth of Narcissus. In fact, the scientific name of jonquil is Narcissus jonquilla. This flower’s meaning comes from Narcissus’ tale, which is why jonquils can signify vanity. Jonquils can also symbolize forgiveness or returning someone’s love or affection.

Together, the March birth month flowers symbolize good fortune and hope. Sending a bouquet of these to a March celebrant will give the message of wishing them luck and fortune.

April Birth Month Flowers

April Birth Month Flowers - Daisy and Sweet Pea

In April, warmer days arrive, and new flowers begin to bloom. If you were born in April, then your birth flower is the daisy. The secondary flower for April would be the sweet pea.


Daisies often come in white. However, they also bloom in many other colors. Some examples are yellow and pink daisies. The name, “daisy,” comes from the phrase, “day’s eye,” which people from Old England used to call this flower.

The daisy symbolizes innocence, purity, and true love. It also means joy and pleasure.

Sweet Pea

The sweet pea was first found in the UK and Italy. Now, however, you can find them in many fields all over the world. They aren’t often kept in vases as they grow better on outside soil such as fields and parks.

Many people know sweet peas for their sweet smell. These flowers symbolize many things. They can signify goodbyes, blissful pleasure, and gratitude. In France, people often give sweet peas to brides. In this context, the sweet peas symbolize good fortune and luck.

Together, the April birth month flowers mean innocence and joy. Sending daisies and sweet peas to your friend can send off the message of celebrating their innocence and love.

May Birth Month Flowers

May Birth Month Flowers - Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

May is the last month of Spring before summer finally rolls in. Just like people, there are flowers that prefer hotter weather too, such as Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. Lily of the Valley is the May birth flower, while Hawthorn is the secondary flower of the month. They are finally in full bloom this month as the weather turns sunnier and hotter.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a bell-shaped white flower. People also call this flower “May bells” since it fully blooms in May. Some also call this “Our Lady’s tears” because of the Christian story that these flowers bloomed on the ground after Eve’s tears watered it.

Lily of the Valley symbolizes humility and sweetness. Because of its relation to female figures from the Bible, it is also associated with motherhood. Often, people give this to their mothers on Mother’s Day.


Hawthorns are small flowers that are pale pink or white. This flower is actually the state flower of Missouri.

Hawthorn flowers symbolize hope and faith. They also symbolize happiness and love. In Celtic traditions, the Hawthorn symbolizes protection, which is why brides often adorn their hair with them.

Together, these flowers make up the birth month flowers for May. If you send a bouquet of these two together, you’re sending a message of hope and sweetness to your friend.

June Birth Month Flowers

June Birth Month Flowers - Rose and Honeysuckle

The next flowers include what might be the most popular flower. For June, the birth month flowers are roses and honeysuckles.


Roses are arguably one of the most popular flowers ever. This flower has a thorny wooden stem and a bud with a fragrant smell. Roses come in many colors, and each rose color symbolizes different types of love.

In general, however, roses symbolize beauty and love. They also symbolize deep devotion. For many years now, roses have been the go-to for gifts between lovers. This is a practice that dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.


Honeysuckles are unique flowers. They bloom from shrubs or vines, and they are native to North America and Eurasia. Honeysuckles bloom in different colors such as white, orange, and yellow.

There are poisonous honeysuckles, but not all of them are. The few that are poisonous are only mildly toxic. Of course, flower shops won’t be selling those. They know honeysuckles symbolize pure happiness and affection, so they’ll be sure to only keep those that are non-toxic.

Together, the June birth flowers are all about love and affection. Sending someone you know a bouquet of roses and honeysuckles will let them know you adore them deeply.

July Birth Month Flowers

July Birth Month Flowers - Larkspur and Water Lily

If you’re a July baby, then your birth month flowers are the Larkspur and Water Lily. The Larkspur might not be as popular as the Water Lily, but it is the official birth month flower of July. The secondary flower is the Water Lily.


Larkspur might not ring a bell, but Buttercups might. Larkspur is a member of the Buttercup family. It blooms in different colors, like purple, pink, and indigo. These flowers grow on tall stalks, giving them a unique look.

In general, Larkspur flowers symbolize romance and an open heart ready for love. Specific colors of this flower can also symbolize other things. For instance, the white larkspur can represent a happy-go-lucky attitude, while the purple larkspur flowers symbolize first love.

Water Lily

As the name suggests, Water Lilies grow in water. They grow fast, and they can often cause drainage problems because of this. Despite the upkeep, many people still love to have water lilies in their garden ponds. This is because water lilies are large flowers that come in bright colors. There are white, blue, and pink water lilies.

Water lilies also symbolize innocence, spirituality, and wellness. Several countries have water lilies as their national flower. For instance, Bangladesh assigned the white water lily as their national flower.

These July birth flowers symbolize an open heart and wellness. Together, they can send the message of appreciating a friend’s purity and an open heart.

August Birth Month Flowers

August Birth Month Flowers - Gladiolus and Poppy

For August, the official birth month flower is the Gladiolus. Not many people might know of this flower, but the secondary flower is sure to be familiar. The poppy flower is August’s secondary flower.


Another name for the Gladiolus flower is “sword lily.” This name comes from its appearance. Gladiolus has a skinny and long flower that, back in the Victorian era, people believed could pierce through people’s hearts like a sword.

In Ancient Rome, audiences at the Colosseum often threw Gladiolus flowers at gladiators. Back then, it was a symbol of congratulations. Today, these flowers symbolize strength and honesty. Gladiolus can also symbolize infatuation and imagination.


Poppies are vibrant flowers that bloom in different colors. There are yellow, red, and purple poppies. These flowers are popular for being the source of the opium drug. However, opium only comes from one species of poppy, which is Papaver somniferum.

Poppies often symbolize death or eternal sleep. However, poppies can also refer to peace and consolation as people in Belgium used them to honor and remember soldiers who died in World War I. These flowers can also symbolize imagination and dreams.

The August birth flowers symbolize strength and integrity. Just like how most people ascribe fierceness with Leo signs, gifting a friend with a bouquet of Gladiolus and poppy flowers celebrates their feisty attitude.

September Birth Month Flowers

September Birth Month Flowers - Aster and Morning Glory

For September babies, their official birth flower is the Aster. Their secondary flower, on the other hand, is the morning glory. Virgos and Libras who were born in September are often stereotyped as vain and emotional, and this can also be related to the September birth flowers.


Asters are star-shaped flowers that bloom in fall. They are a member of the daisy family, and they bloom in different colors. These colors range from lilac to red to white. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Astraea cried over the night sky. Her tears fell and bloomed into star-shaped flowers that are meant to light up the night.

Asters symbolize love, royalty, and valor. They can also refer to wisdom, mortality, and unrequited love.

Morning Glory

The Morning Glory is a flowering plant that loves the sun. As the name suggests, these flowers bloom in the early mornings, when they are fully exposed to the sun. This birth flower comes in many colors. There are blue, pink, white, and purple Morning Glory flowers.

Like Asters, the Morning Glory can also symbolize unrequited love. However, it can also be a symbol of strength and resiliency.

While these birth month flowers can mean widely different things, giving them to someone is still a show of love. Sending someone Aster and Morning Glory flowers gives the message that you appreciate their wisdom, confidence, and affections.

October Birth Month Flowers

October Birth Month Flowers - Marigold and Cosmos

October is the height of fall or autumn. At this time, the summer heat subsides, and trees begin to yellow and shed their leaves. Plenty of flowers, however, continue to bloom. This includes the Marigold and Cosmos, October’s official birth flowers.


Marigolds, or calendulas, are vibrant flowers that bloom in Autumn colors. They come in orange, red, and yellow colors.

This October birth flower has a long history. Back then, Aztecs used Marigolds for religious and magical purposes. They also used Marigolds as medicine for inflammation and other skin issues.

In Mexican traditions, people offer Marigolds during Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead to honor their loved ones who have passed away. Generally, Marigolds symbolize peace. They can also be symbols of courage and passion.


Cosmos flowers look like daisies, and they have long thin stems. Like Marigolds, Cosmos flowers come in vibrant colors. There are orange, purple, and pink Cosmos.

These colorful flowers symbolize harmony and balance. They can also refer to tranquility, innocence, and beauty.

Together, Marigold and Cosmos flowers represent the warm and peaceful personalities of those born in October. Sending a bouquet of these to celebrate your friend’s birthday can show your appreciation for the peace and harmony they bring to your life.

November Birth Month Flower

November Birth Month Flower - Chrysanthemum

Unlike other months, there is only one November birth flower. The Chrysanthemum solely represents those born in November. However, this flower’s variety easily makes up for the absence of a secondary flower.


This flower originated in China before it also became popular in Japan. Over time, Europeans cultivated chrysanthemums as well. According to Chinese history, the perfect shape of a chrysanthemum’s petals in full bloom inspired Confucius. He then saw this flower as an object of meditation.

Over the years, people have associated the November birth flower with different meanings. Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship, loyalty, and honesty. They can also be symbols of good luck and joy.

If you send a bouquet of Chrysanthemums to your friend, you are letting them know you appreciate their loyalty and promise to be loyal in return.

December Birth Month Flowers

December Birth Month Flowers - Narcissus and Holly

Since it’s the most festive month of the year, it only makes sense that December’s birth flowers are Narcissus and Holly. Many use these flowers to decorate their homes. However, there is much more to these December birth flowers than simply being home decors.


The Narcissus flower grows from bulbs and is often white or yellow. Daffodils and jonquils are both under the Narcissus family. They all look similar, with a trumpet-shaped bud and usually six petals.

This flower symbolizes good wishes, hope, and wealth. Aside from these, the Narcissus also represents defense and protection.


The Holly flower blooms on trees, shrubs, or climbers. Aside from flowers and fruit, this plant also produces fruit. There are plenty of species of holly with different colors. The most common ones, however, are the white and red Holly flowers.

In Christianity, this flower is “Christ’s thorn.” Because of this, it is an important symbol in celebrating Christmas for Christians. Generally, the Holly flower represents defense and eternal life. It can also mean fertility and domestic bliss.

Together, these flowers symbolize good fortune, defense, and hope. Sending a December celebrant these flowers will let them know you wish them and their household good fortune and a safe household.



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