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Things You Must Discuss With Your Partner Before Marriage

When you decide to marry someone, you’re basically signing a contract to be tied to them for the rest of time. That’s how marriage works. It’s essential, therefore, to go over all the terms and conditions thoroughly, like you do for any important agreement, and be sure of your decision.

Love is, of course, the bedrock of a happy marriage, but there is a catalogue of things which should be discussed before taking the plunge. If ignored, they often become a bone of contention later.



Before you tie the knot, you and your partner must discuss whether you want kids and if yes, then how many. It’s also good to talk about how you would like to raise your kids – whether you want to be a hands-on parent or give them complete freedom, how to discipline them, etc. It’s important to be on the same page in these matters. If not, it can be a sore point in your marriage.

Money After Marriage


Love is not enough to keep a marriage intact. Money problems often become a serious bone of contention. Before marrying someone, find out what their relationship with money is like. Do they have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset? If it’s the latter, are you okay with it? It always helps to have a partner who is responsible with their finances.



The world has changed for the better. People have realized how unfair it is to stop women from working after marriage if they want to and confine them to the kitchen. At the same time, they’re realizing how burdensome it is for men to be the sole breadwinners of the family. More and more couples are willing to split responsibilities today, but many are still stuck in the old ways. It’s better to put forth your ideologies and expectations beforehand.



Where you live is one of the most important decisions you make, as it impacts every area of your life – career, relationships, kids. It’s important to discuss your idea of ‘home’ with your partner before marriage. Where do you want to settle down? How big does the house need to be? If you get an opportunity to move out for work, will you prioritize that over living with family? Talk these things out.

Habits After Marriage


Everyone has some good habits and some bad. As long as they don’t come in the way of someone’s day-to-day activities, it’s all right. Before marrying someone, you must talk at length about your habits and theirs, and decide if you’re both okay with most of them, if not all. That’s the only way to know if you can spend the rest of your lives together.

Deal-Breakers in a Marriage


It’s important to communicate your deal-breakers with your partner, so you both know which behaviours are out-of-bounds. This can bring a sense of clarity, transparency and trust in your relationship.

Social Media


Some people enjoy sharing their life on social media, while some love their privacy. In a relationship, it’s important to know if your partner is comfortable with and consents to your time together being documented online.



Some people are okay with work taking a backseat after marriage, whereas others prioritize it above everything else. It’s important to know which category your partner lies in, so you’re not disappointed with their actions later.



Sex is an important part of any relationship, but everyone’s sex drive is different. Moreover, every person has their own preferences when it comes to intimacy. Some value emotional intimacy above everything else, whereas some find physical intimacy is most important. Each to their own, but before getting married, make sure your partner understands your needs and boundaries.

Activities To Do With Your Partner Instead Of Binge-Watching Shows


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Every relationship requires time and effort, however, thanks to our busy schedules and erratic work hours, it’s impossible to spend quality time with our partners during weekdays, right? Fortunately, you can always bond with your partner over the weekends. No, dressing up and heading to the same Sushi place every Saturday night does not count. If you’re looking for things to do with your partner, allow us to inspire you with our list of top bonding activities:

Hit The Gym Together

It’s true what they say about couples who sweat together, stay together! During workouts, your body releases endorphins and dopamines and makes you feel happy, and working out with your partner enables you to bond with them in this happy state of mind. If you aren’t fond of hitting the gym, opt for fun and interesting activities like indoor rock climbing, Zumba etc, basically anything to get the two of you hot and sweaty!

Stay In Bed & Talk

Weekends are for lazying around in bed, especially mornings! Ensure to not spend your time in bed checking social media, instead work on connecting with your partner. Spend time talking and cuddling with each other.


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Go On A Long Drive After Marriage

Sometimes the best way to catch up with your boyfriend might be by going for a long uninterrupted drive. Hop into the car with no specific destination in mind, pick up some snacks for the road, and drive around aimlessly!

Take A Bubble Bath Together

Is there anything more romantic than long bubble baths with your partner after marriage? We don’t think so! Draw up a warm bath, light some exotic scented candles, pour in essential oils, and keep a bottle of chilled champagne handy.

Cook Your Favourite Meal After Marriage

Ordering in your favourite deep-crusted pizza might be more convenient, but what’s the fun in that? A lot has been said about how cooking can be a great bonding activity, so why not try that this weekend instead? Look up an easy recipe together and make at least one elaborate meal together. Oh also, we totally recommend food fights!

Home DIY After Marriage

Whether it’s hanging up a painting or finally putting that IKEA bar together, you’ll find doing tasks with your partner to be a great way of getting close to them. Also, this “date” can be a great excuse in tricking your SO to help you with something you’ve been meaning to do forever! You can also play family games especially if you have kids.

Get Ice Cream

If the two of you are going to be working through the weekend, there’s no reason why you can’t squeeze in a quick ice cream date in the evening. Walk to the place if it’s close by, try different flavors, and talk to each other about your day, and work. Apart from these above pointers in marriage, remember to not be on your phone all the time in order to actually connect with your partner. A few hours away from technology will not only help you recharge, but also allow you to reconnect with your better half.







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