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15 Creepy Stories About Helltown, Ohio

Helltown is reportedly one of the most haunted places in America. Helltown isn’t actually the town’s real name. The official name of the area is Boston Mills. There are countless stories and legends surrounding the deserted area. But let me be clear, I don’t believe in ghosts. In fact, I think that’s a whole lot of nonsense. Still, some of these stories managed to creep even me, a non-believer, out. When stories get told over and over, details change but the main theme remains present. It’s the same with Helltown.

There are different variations to some of the stories, but there’s still a similar vein running through all of them. The stories speak of a place that was abandoned and a town full of mystery and horror. Some even say that Helltown is something of a portal to the netherworld. So, sit down, maybe turn on the lights, and read on about this creepy place.


I don’t believe in the supernatural, but government conspiracies? Yeah, maybe. So Helltown isn’t actually the legitimate name of the area. It’s received that nickname for obvious reasons. Some folks also refer to the place as Mutane Town (a play on the word ‘mutant’). There are rumors that a chemical spill resulted in a government coverup, that people left the town because of this supposed catastrophe. There are even rumors that the spill caused mutations in the surrounding fauna and that mutants still roam the forested land. Sounds like a whole lotta hooey to me! But did the government really force people out of their homes and cover up the real reason why?


There’s something really creepy about the thought of trees moving on their own. Especially when they look as scraggly as the one pictured above. So what’s going on with the trees in Helltown, Ohio? It’s rumored that the trees stationed in the cemetery tend to move around on their own. There are also tales that link the mobile trees to satanic cult activity. Why would a satanic cult need to move trees around? Maybe to help them hide and ensure they could do their Satan worshiping in peace? Whether the trees move or not, they still are very creepy indeed.


Every year, Peninsula Village in Ohio puts on a Peninsula Python parade. It’s a family event that takes place in the summer. Some say that the legend of the python started after a circus snake escaped from the circus in the year 1944. But that’s not the only origin story for the Peninsula Python. Others say that the large snake was a product of the reported chemical spill I mentioned earlier. Rumor has it that the giant mutant snake roams the forested areas nearby. For those afraid of snakes, the stories may send shivers up your spine. But it’s hard to look at the python float and not be amused.


Ok, let’s get real scary now. The End of the World road is also known by two other names: ‘Stanford Road’ (its official name) and ‘The Highway to Hell’. There’s nothing very distinct about the road itself. The winding road has been closed off to traffic and if you hike it you’ll realize that it eventually comes to an abrupt end.

A lot of roads or trails end abruptly. Usually, these kinds of roads are incomplete or it’s just the end of the road – literally. The only reason this particular road gets such a bad wrap is because it’s located in Helltown. Better safe than sorry.


The End of the World road is creepy enough in the daytime but many folks will strongly suggest that you avoid driving or hiking there late at night. Don’t head there under the cover of darkness, you don’t know what you’ll find. Rumour has it that if you decide to visit the road/trail at night, you’ll most definitely encounter evil beings. There are also variations of a legend which states that those who drive up to the End of the World path risk getting into a car accident or getting killed in some kind of fashion. Really, though, the road was actually closed for safety reasons. Not because of potential encounters with evil spirits.


Sorry but even when they’re not haunted hearses are creepy. The legend about the hearse of Helltown says that there’s a man, who lives on the End of the World road. Apparently, he drives this supposed hearse. He’ll drive at you should you trespass on his property. At one time, there may have been a resident of the town who owned a hearse but he definitely wasn’t following people around angry that they stepped foot near his home. Plus, it’s impossible to drive in the area where this man has been reported to be driving. Unless….he’s dead and he’s driving a ghost hearse.


Is there anything creepier than an abandoned medical facility? It’s no surprise that there are folks who believe that the Edwin Shaw Hospital is super haunted. The empty abandoned hospital is a favourite spot for ghost-hunters. A peek inside the facility reveals an interior that’s been vandalized, damaged and is in serious need of repair. It really does look like the perfect place to encounter a ghost. In its early days it housed the mentally ill and later, in the ’60s, it took in children who were victims of various kinds of mistreatment and abuse. I definitely wouldn’t want to spend the night there.


No, I’m not referring to the song. It’s much more spooky than that. This particular locale of legend isn’t actually in Helltown, but it’s not too far from it. If you’re on a ghost tour of Ohio, you’d better make sure you put aside enough time to get to all the important ghostly landmarks because there are a lot of them.

The Stairway to Heaven is located in a cemetery in Suffield, Ohio. This staircase doesn’t lead to encounters with evil spirits, instead it’s reported that should you scale it when the sun goes down, you’ll encounter a mysterious and glowing statue of Jesus. Apparently, you’ll likely also be followed. Not by evil demons, but still sounds creepy to me.


Take a good hard look at the church pictured above. Notice anything weird about it? Looks fairly typical for a place of worship, nothing out of the — oh wait. There’s a freaking upside down cross on the front facade of that church! There are tales about Helltown that say that the town was essentially run by Satanists. The proof? This church. Except, not really. Those upside down crosses aren’t some kind of signal that evil Satan worshippers are in the basement making sacrifices. The strange crosses were really just part of architectural design at the time the church was built. I still wouldn’t want to get married here, though.


There’s a real creepy story about Helltown that says there’s a house deep in the woods that always has a light shining in one of its upstairs windows. Of course, the house appears to be abandoned. Well, this is obvious evidence that ghosts exist! Sorry, folks, that’s just not the case. The legend likely stems from the fact that there is a house in the area that keeps a light on at all hours. The reason? It’s a hostel intended for travellers and hikers. I may have debunked the myth but I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t want to stay in the hostel.


What good would a creepy town be without stories about serial killers? Where there are ghosts, demons, and evil spirits there must undoubtedly be serial murderers. There are stories about serial killers waiting on the End of the World Road. Usually, the stories include a killer wielding an ax. Sometimes the legends talk of a serial killer from the past whose ghost is now roaming the woods. Alive or dead, the supposed murderer is never caught. I find this one of the scarier stories surrounding Helltown since it’s impossible to deny that serial killers exist. A deserted town seems like the perfect place for a crazed ax murderer to hide out.


In Helltown, there’s a bridge called ‘Crybaby Bridge’. Legend has it that a child was thrown from the bridge into the river below. The poor youngster lost his life years ago and if you drive on the bridge, usually late at night, you can hear the infant crying. Random cries of children? That’s very unsettling. Tales tell that you can actually go through specific steps to have a ghostly encounter with the child. You’re supposed to leave your keys in your car (at night) and lock the doors. Yeah, no. Not doing that. If you go through the motions exactly, your car will start and you’ll discover little footprints. Sounds like the perfect way to start a stalled car!


Like mental institutions and hospitals, abandoned funeral homes are super eerie. We probably find them so creepy because, at one point, they all housed dead people. People die in these places all the time. If you believe in ghosts, it seems logical that a few spirits might hang around. The legend about the Helltown funeral home says that Satanists use the building for their devil worship. It’s unclear whether these worshippers are dead or alive, though. It turns out, though, that there’s a bit of uncertainty regarding the buildings actual identity. It may not even be a funeral home after all.


This legend stems from the fact that there’s an abandoned bus laying around in the forests of Helltown. Rumor has it that all the children who were riding this particular bus were murdered viciously by some escaped killer. Some stories say that they were murdered by an escaped mental patient, maybe from the nearby Sanitarium. And, of course, sometimes the finger is pointed at Satanic cult members. There are even some stories that seem to suggest that the children on the bus were possessed somehow and that they simply stayed put on the vehicle until they were dead. There’s also the rumour that if you try to move the bus, you’ll probably become cursed.


So what’s the real deal with Helltown, Ohio? Is it really haunted? If not, then what the heck happened to all the town’s inhabitants? They just fled randomly? Or was it a government conspiracy? There was never a chemical spill in the area, but the government did force the town’s inhabitants to move in the mid-’70s. The reason? The National Park Service marked off an area designated for Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The area included what is now deemed ‘Helltown’. The homes in the abandoned village have just recently been razed so the area remained a ghost town for quite a while. It’s no wonder so many rumours and legends circulated. Who knows, maybe some of them are true.


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