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Earth Angels and Signs to Find Out If You Are One

Earth Angels are spiritual beings born into physical form. They have had many lifetimes and have chosen to be born into our physical world at this time, they are evolved spiritual beings. These angels are 7th and 9th dimensional Angels incarnated into physical form. In order to be born as physical human beings, they lowered their vibration.

Technically speaking we all carry the light of God inside ourselves,  but the Angels light is brighter,  and their vibration is much higher.  Earth Angels are the pure real Angels who are sent here to planet Earth and born in human body to carry out the very important missions:

  • touch everyone’s heart and open it to love
  • be an example, an inspiration showing others and guiding to the light, love and hope
  • raise the vibration of humanity and Earth
  • protect the planet, nature and environment and generally protect humanity and Earth from self destruction
  • be at spiritual service to make the world a better place
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These angels came with a wake-up call. They were born with a time to awaken. This could be a series of events and happenings, lessons that need to be learned, in order to awaken to their divine truth. Although they are physical beings, they retain the connection to their higher Angelic counterparts.

All souls come from the same Divine Source, but there are many different paths souls can take which shape their characteristics, missions, and even personalities.

Earth Angels are people whose soul origins are from beyond Earth, and who have spent a great deal of time in the higher spiritual dimensions of love and light. Their desire is to bring peace, light and love to the Earth, humanity and all beings.

While everyone on Earth now is a spiritual being, not everyone is an Earth Angel. Earth Angels are highly spiritually evolved as souls, they vibrate with an incredible light, and have been called to Earth on a mission to serve as lightworkers.

37 Signs You Are An Earth Angel -

What Does It Mean To Be An Earth Angel?

Being an Earth Angel doesn’t mean you are perfect, it doesn’t mean you’re an angel (the angelic path is different from the path of humanity) and it doesn’t even mean that you’re saint-like

Like all of humanity, Earth Angels make mistakes, experience challenges, and feel disconnected at times.

Being an Earth Angel means that you’re called at the soul level to help others, spread kindness, have compassion and make a difference on Earth by bringing the light and love of the higher spiritual realms into physical reality.

Types of Earth Angels

Here are the types of earth angels

Listener Earth Angels

Earth Angels Are Rising All Over The Planet – Kissy Denise | The Masterpiece

Because earth angels are naturally strong in the clairsentient psychic pathway, it’s easy for earth angels to empathize and sympathize with others since earth angels can feel other people’s energy and emotions as if they were their own. Are people drawn to share deep or very personal issues with you, even if you don’t know them well? Your ability to be compassionate, understanding, and less judgmental could mean people open up to you easily.

Best part: You can create intimacy with new people quickly, having friends with many backgrounds and worldviews, and all you have to do is hold a safe, grounded, loving space for folks to share.

Challenging aspect: You might become drained if too many people want to confide in you. Put boundaries on how many people you listen to every day or for how long.

Healer Earth Angels

What Are Earth Angel's? - Ask Mystic Investigations

You feel drawn to people who are suffering and get great fulfillment from helping them. Remember that healer earth angels don’t have to act in a profession or role that is traditionally thought of as a healer. You might heal family dynamics in your own tribe or help heal people’s finances as an accountant or money coach.

Best part: Healers experience a bit of healing themselves every time they help someone else.

Challenging aspect: Remember that you’re not meant to “fix” everyone or heal every wound. Simply share your expertise, assistance, and guidance to help people on a healing journey.

Nature Earth Angels

Earth Angel by SuzieKatz on DeviantArt

Do you feel a special connection to nature? Many earth angels do, and some are even called to work with the energy of nature and be guardians of nature. You might live on a farm, on the beach, or in the mountains. Stewarding one particular piece of land or working to create a more green and sustainable world that honors nature as sacred fills you with energy and purpose.

Best part: Just being in nature, or surrounded by nature elements like plants and flowers, makes you feel more calm, grounded, and expansive.

Challenging aspect: It can be hard for nature earth angels to live in a place where they are not immersed in nature. If you live in a big city, find a great park, start a kitchen herb garden, or make periodic weekend getaways to a nearby location with lots of nature.

Activist Earth Angels

Earth Angel | leahwyn1 | Flickr

When something in the world is unjust or unequal, it really gets under your sensitive skin and inspires you to take peaceful, progressive action. How needed you are in the world today and always, helping to make this planet a better place for all people, nature, and animals.

Best part: You are a passionate person who feels connected to everyone and everything. Your idealism raises the collective bar and inspires others to be better people.

Challenging aspect: Things that are unfair in the world make you angry, and that’s an uncomfortable feeling. Use your frustration as motivation to take meaningful action, feeling peace knowing you are making a difference.

Creative Earth Angels

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Creative types—whether they’re musicians or engineers—who are also earth angels feel called to help and heal with their creations. You consider carefully what you put into your creative endeavors and out into the world, wanting to be a positive influence. All sensitive people, like empaths, can benefit from having a creative outlet, as it is an excellent retreat and recovery time for your sensitive system.

Best part: You’re full of ideas, and your naturally strong intuition helps you be imaginative and inventive.

Challenging aspect: Creative projects can take on tough and painful subjects, like a documentary on refugees. Sometimes you may be called to interact with or reveal very difficult things to heal with your creativity.6.

Animal-Ally Earth Angels

50 Earth Angel Signs & What To Do If You Are One – The Spirit Nomad

You have a special connection to animals, and may feel you can understand or communicate with them in an extraordinary way. Having house pets, volunteering to work with shelter animals, or running a horse or elephant sanctuary might be an important part of your life purpose.

Best part: It’s a magical and unique ability to connect with an animal’s soul.

Challenging aspect: When animals are not treated with respect and kindness, it can be very upsetting. Advocate for the humane treatment of animals and share with others your views on the importance of animal welfare.

Busy Bee Earth Angels

Earth Angels - Miss Maureen Dunkley - a poem by Titus Llewellyn - All Poetry

You love to be in motion, taking action to help wherever and whenever you can. You may be the rock of your office or family, or the helpful person who opens doors for strangers and writes your congressperson about better conditions for all. Whether you are volunteering at a charity or babysitting for a neighbor, you get a lot of good stuff done.

Best part: The tangible proof that you are a positive force in the world—a force to be reckoned with!

Challenging aspect: Even people with an enormous amount of energy and capacity to give can experience burnout. Schedule restorative time into your calendar too!

Caregiver Earth Angels

peace in the storm | Angel pictures, Angel art, Mythological creatures

Whether it’s caring for a house full of children or a backyard garden full of plants, you feel more alive and joyful when you are nurturing. What might exhaust others actually nourishes you.

Best part: You love to support others and can be deeply admired and appreciated by the folks in your orbit.

Challenging aspect: Make sure to have some relationships where you are receiving more, and remind yourself that it’s OK to be compensated for your caregiving, whether that’s compliments or financial compensation.

Signs You’re An Earth Angel

1. You are highly sensitive and absolutely, totally and completely can’t tolerate any form of violence,  it shocks you to the core,  you just can’t understand it and can’t accept it

2.  You feel sometimes naive like a newborn puppy because you are guided by the Law of Love, Purity and Trust and other Laws of Universe.  You automatically expect the same in return of other people,  and values you believe in have been crushed so many times.  You don’t get  the ruthless rules of this world,  you just haven’t got a devious bone in your body

3. You look younger than your physical age

4. As a child being teased or verbally abused because of the different appearance and behaviour

5. You are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and other health issues.  You are highly sensitive to energy,  and taking on the toxic energies from other people impacts negatively your body

6. Physically Earth Angels have eyes shining with pure, sweet, innocent and unconditional love,  are often overweight,  tend to lighten their hair,  have the well built shoulders to carry weight of the world and responsibilities

7. All people seem good to you.  You look through their imperfections, shortcomings and see the beautiful light and Divine inside them

8. People often mistake your kindness for weakness and try to take advantage of your good nature.  It’s hard for you to say “No”

9. You are an eternal optimist,  never stop believing,  often see misfortune as a blessing in disguise

10. Creativity is your second nature, your mind is always buzzing with ideas

11. You have had a difficult childhood – the abusive or emotionally unavailable parents.  There is no time wasting for Earth Angels,  from the day one on Earth they are put straight to the business – teaching their parents the lesson of love and compassion.  You have joined these unhappy, dysfunctional and problematic families because their dark and hardened hearts desperately need you.  At this starting point of their life on Earth the Angels vibration drops dramatically,  but of course they still stay quintessentially Angels inside.

I don’t remember my Mum ever giving me a hug or kiss when I was a kid.  She told me she never wanted me,  it all was my Father’s fault that I was born because he procrastinated with the decision what to do with the pregnancy,  she wanted to terminate it,  and then it was too late.  The child was nothing but a nuisance for her. – Good to know, Mum!

But I always trusted and knew deep down that it did make some “for the highest and best good” sense,  even if it felt unfair and hurtful to me.  I believed that our souls needed each other,  we were teaching each other the important lessons,  someone very wise put us together as a family on Earth,  even if its sense was escaping my understanding.

My Mum has always been and will be my Mum despite her only now accepting me as her daughter.  It took about 70 years for her to start to mellow, soften inside and open her heart to love.  I’m grateful to her,  without my Mum I wouldn’t be who I am today

12. Earth Angels often have overweight problems unconsciously growing the fat padding around themselves as a protective shield from the outside world.  Also the food helps Earth Angels to stay grounded

13. You feel that you don’t belong here,  you don’t fit,  you are a strange body here

14. Sometimes you look at the night sky full of stars,  and you want to go,  you long to go home

Earth angel by Josephine Wall: History, Analysis & Facts | Arthive

15. You have low self-esteem after having all sorts of negative experiences in your life

16. It’s hard for you to ask other people for help because the Angels themselves are helpers and not supposed to be helped.  You are afraid that you can be nuisance and constantly apologize, carry guilt and worry

17. The life on Earth is often getting too harsh for Earth Angels,  and he or she starts looking for escape abusing alcohol or drugs

18. You have a history of abusive relationships because again you have an ability to see a beautiful spark of Divine Light even in the darkest soul, the God’s plan of what this person has a potential to become.  You are a magnet drawing to you people with addiction problems – your partner can be an alcoholic

19. You are an optimist and have amazing patience.  When everyone would give up and walk out of a relationship,  you are still there for your partner because of your Angelic nature (Angels never abandon the person whom they support, guide and protect).  You feel that you are the special Guardian Angel here on Earth for your partner.  You will leave only when you reach a breaking point and can’t take it anymore

20. For some reason you dislike human feet (because Angels haven’t got any,  it’s some sort of novelty for you)

21. People tend to open their souls and tell you the most intimate and deeply emotional stuff of their lives,  and you find the words of wisdom for them

22. You are so concentrated on helping others that you often forget and ignore your own needs

23. You can hear to your address:  “You are an Angel!”, – because you really are

The Four Angels At The Four Corners Of The Earth - YouTube

24. You have a passion and talent for spiritual practices, healing, teaching and helping others

25. You dislike arguments, conflicts, confrontations,  you feel physically suffocated in the atmosphere of conflict.  You wonder at soaps where they are arguing and screaming at each other non stop all the time

26. You are not interested in competitions,  you are not ambitious,  everyone’s a winner and a number one in your eyes because your Angelic essence hasn’t got an ego

27. People feel that you are different and don’t understand you

28. You don’t like being in crowd,  it’s too overwhelming for you,  dislike noise and chaos,  you often seek solitude

29. You try to avoid using harsh chemicals in your cleaning supplies and toiletries due to sensitivity of your body and allergic reactions

30. You see love, beauty and peace in nature.  It’s a wonderful world for you,  you look at it wide eyed full of astonishment and awe – the glorious sunrise and sunset, the wind playing with the leaves on a tree, a bird singing its heart out, the whisper of waves on the river, the fish frolicking in the water

31. You feel very protective of nature and the planet Earth

32. You love and respect equally every living being on Earth regardless of whether it is a human, an animal or a plant.  Even the tiniest of insects deserves to be respected and has the right to live,  you would never step on the ant thoughtlessly for example

33. You feel oneness with the World and Universe,  that everything is interconnected

34. You love Angels!  Earth Angels are taking Angels courses (the way to come back to themselves),  flock together at the Angels conferences.

The Earth Angel | EK, with love

And you can’t imagine your home without Angels’ figurines and wings.

Also Crystals make their way into your house in ever-increasing numbers.

35. You love to be at home – your little Paradise and personal Heaven – and don’t want to go away for a long time, maybe just a short break

36. You genuinely appreciate, deeply feel and love being surrounded by BEAUTY… because you are so BEAUTIFUL yourself inside out!

37. You love beautiful words, sayings, wise quotes

38. You love music (often want to learn a musical instrument) and singing, even if you only sing to yourself or your dog

39. Your Soul rejoices at Christmas time! No, you don’t like all that hard part (Christmas turns into a massive task nowadays), and spending all that money at Christmas. 

But if you take all the hassle away, you LOVE Christmas trees, bursting with shiny baubles, twinkling lights, richly decorated facades and front gardens of houses – the very Spirit of Christmas in the air! You enjoy Christmas Carols, actually you like the idea of singing in a choir. Because you are an Angel, and Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Angels. They have to bless every house, and you want to bless everyone with peace, love, hope, good health and prosperity

40. You believe in miracles and in fairy tales. Despite being an adult, you still love animated films, that you pretend to be watching only because your kids are watching them, but you actually really enjoy them yourself, because deep inside you preserved the sweet innocence of a child

41. You want to have kids, unlike Starseeds who normally are not interested in children – they have different jobs to do on Earth. Angels have a soft spot for kids as they are pure of heart

42. You have no fear of death. Angels know that there is no death, but coming back home to God

Angel on Earth by Stella63 on DeviantArt

 43. You are a busy body – you’ve got so much to do, and of course not for yourself, but for somebody else!  And you have a big and loving heart for everyone – of course except yourself.

44. You have a strong sense of purpose which is healing, teaching, helping and serving others and the troubled world

How to Decide Which One(s) You Are.

After reading through these, play a game with your sixth sense and ask your intuition to give you a number between 1 and 8, knowing you might receive more than one number. I heard “4” and “5” in my mind. You might see “2” and “8” in your mind, have the thought “No. 7” pop into your mind, or get a strong feeling about the number 3. This may provide a hint about your earth angel type(s).

If You Are A Beautiful Earth Angel

If you keep reading – you are definitely an Earth Angel!

1. Love yourself!  There is nothing selfish with Self Love.  Love and nurture yourself!  At the end of the day if you are ill, depressed and fighting a thousand issues,  how can you help others and the world? Watch your diet,  we are really what we eat! Pamper yourself,  you are not at the end of the queue for yourself anymore!

Earth Angel - Jhatter - Shadow Acrostic - a poem by Titus Llewellyn - All  Poetry

2. You were handpicked for this mission.  Treasure and appreciate your special time on Earth!  Our planet offers you the unique and wonderful experience of living in a physical body.

Still living in the Angelic Realm as an Angel you always wondered what they were – the physical sensations,  and now you know how it feels – the sweetness of strawberry in your mouth,  to smell a rose,  to feel the coolness of water in a stream,  to listen to a bird’s song,  to stroke your pet,  to hug and feel the warmth and closeness of another human.

Only here you can have very special experiences – money,  sexuality,  power.  Many highly evolved spirits are longing to incarnate on Earth to take on the Masterclass of money,  come through the challenges it’s presenting,  conquer it and increase dramatically the incredible light inside themselves (and not to fall a victim of ego).

Think of humour!  I’ve asked Archangel Uriel what he finds really fascinating about humans,  what amazes, amuses him?  His answer has been:  “The sense of humour, an ability to laugh about themselves.  I’m serious,  I’m not funny.  The Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon still have the sense of humour because they both have been used to live on Earth,  and I haven’t”.

So stop for a minute and look around!  It’s a wonderful world full of miracles!  Love, treasure and appreciate your precious time on Earth!  Remember the Power of Gratitude!

3. –  Cleanse and protect your energy on a daily basis.  Spiritual hygiene is as important as the physical one!  Every night before you go to sleep ask Archangel Michael to cleanse your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and any other body,  also to cut the negative cords draining your energy if there are any.  After ask Archangel Michael to give you a surge of pure, divine energy to replace the dark and dense energy taken out of you.  Imagine the waterfall of the blue energy coming down on you.

How to Recognize the Signs of Archangel Michael

And finally thank Archangel Michael and ask him to stay with you all night long to protect and bless you in your sleep, your home, everyone in your household (you can extend it to your neighbours, your town etc.)

When the morning starts,  ask Archangel Michael to be with you today and surround you with a cloak of protection.  Imagine yourself being enfolded in the beautiful white light – the light is the essence of Angels.  Notice now a transparent blue cloak shimmering with the sparks of gold on the boundaries of the white light embracing you.

Always specifically ask Archangel Michael to be with you when you are driving a car and enjoy a safe journey!

–  Add salt to your bath.  The salt will remove the negative energies of your body.

–  Find time to spend with nature, animals and plants –  they will help to get rid of the toxic energy.

– Have the quality time on your own contemplating, reflecting, going inwards to connect with your Higher Self, Earth and Divine.

4. Learn to say “No”,  build and look after your boundaries,  don’t allow others to cross the line with you

My Angel On Earth. Hi readers of the web! Are we currently… | by Edith The  Writer | Feb, 2022 | Medium

5. Remember and maintain the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving.  Earth Angels tend to be the generous “givers” never expecting and feeling uncomfortable to accept anything in return.

You are an Angel,  so don’t encourage the greed in other people to be only a “taker”.  I’m not talking about only the material rewards,  for instance being paid for your spiritual work.  Sometimes a simple “Thank you!” can go the long way said with such love and gratitude that you’ve got your reward,  you feel the flow of the beautiful energy coming back to you.

Everything is energy,  you give energy,  you have to receive energy.  It’s never a one way road.  You don’t do anyone any favour,  the energy keeps coming in,  nothing is coming out creating the dense clots or lumps of energy that can be transferred onto the physical body or destiny.

Also how is the pure and blissful energy of Earth and Divine supposed to enter someone’s body if there is no room for it,  if the individual keeps hoarding the old, dense and stagnant energies?

So for other people sake DO maintain the healthy balance “Receiving – Giving”!

Pin by Jackie Jackson on ДЕКУПАЖ-КОЛЛАЖ | Guardian angel pictures, Angel  images, Guardian angel images

6. It’s quite common for Earth Angels to be overweight because the layer of fat creates the protective shielding around their bodies.  But if you are full of love and open to the Universe there is no need for barriers.  You will notice how your extra weight melts away when you surrender to love, transparency and non-resistance

7. If you are stuck in a toxic relationship you will last much longer than the average person would do.  But there will be a wake-up call for you, the moment of truth when you suddenly realize in the cold light of day that you are heading towards self destruction and can’t take it anymore.  Then you will leave.  Don’t waste your precious time on one person trying to fix something unfixable when the whole world needs your wonderful qualities!

12 Earth Angel Sphere Mother Nature Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

8. Let your inner mischievous child play,  have fun,  share a joke,  laugh often,  don’t take yourself too seriously!

9. Come back to your roots and yourself – develop your spiritual gifts and abilities,  meditate,  connect with your guides and Higher Self  if not directly use the Oracle cards,  read the spiritual books.


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