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Humble Artifacts Suggest Pre-Incan Decentralized Social Structure

Humble artifacts from decentralized community structure

An ancient Argentinian city called Borgatta, located in the Andes, contains objects showing no signs of elitism or luxury. A team of archaeologists led by Elizabeth DeMarrais of the University of Cambridge who found them believes this represents a social structure without a power-hungry hierarchy of elite rulers exploiting an impoverished majority.

It appears, at least, to have been a humble community with basic means.

Most objects found seemed homemade with bone or stone tools and in a variety of personal styles. This shows a lack of specialized craftsmen like potters or blacksmiths and hints that their civilization was relatively primitive or underdeveloped.

Painted ceramic urns found buried under home floors contain skeletons of infants, demonstrating the emotional bond and significance to respect the deceased in their own way.


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