Ghosts can be terrifying, but I don’t think they’re all dangerous. Of course, there are stories of demon possessions all around the world, but I think ghosts usually want to be left alone. Some people believe ghosts will even go as far as saving people’s lives. Here are some examples of such cases.

1. The Gray Man

The small town of Pawleys Island in South Carolina is home to beautiful beaches, historic homes and apparently a lot of ghosts, the most famous of which is known as the gray man. For 200 years there have been numerous sightings of the mysterious grey figure typically right before a major hurricane hits the area. And seeing the grey man could not only save your life but also save your home.

Sounds like an urban legend right? Well, not according to Jim and Clara Moore who had a run in with the Grey Man two days before Hurricane Hugo struck in 1989. They told the story on one of my favorite childhood shows, mysteries. According to Jim, “We were talking a walk late in the afternoon which we usually do. You see so many people walking on the beach at this time of the day. That particular afternoon we only saw the one, and he was coming directly toward us. When I got within speaking distance, I raised my hand to say ‘Hi’ or ‘Beautiful evening’ or whatever, and he disappeared.”

Although the hurricane wreaked havoc on Jim and Clara’s neighborhood, their home was somehow the only one to escape the storm unscathed.

No one really knows who the Grey Man was, some say he was just some pirate, there are others who claim he was a young man who died in quicksand while on the way to see the woman that he loved. Not long after his death he appeared before his lover and warned her to leave the island the woman and her family did, right before a deadly hurricane struck. So I’m thinking maybe he loved the woman so much he came back to warn her but in the process was cursed to wander through eternity warning others of impending doom. So kinda like the Flying Dutchman, except the opposite.

2. The Wife with a Warning

According to the Chicago Tribune, a farmer named Charles Henry Durand was heading home late one evening when his horse stopped in the middle of the road, yea this happened back when people still rode horses, anyway, his horse stopped and would not move any further and began to tremble. Suddenly the air grew oppressive, and a faint light appeared gradually taking the shape of a woman beside Durand’s wagon.

At this point, Durand wanted to run away, but he said he was scared stiff. The white figure then spoke in a whisper and said: “There is danger at home, stay away until morning.” It was then Durand said he recognized the voice of his late wife. As soon as the warning was uttered, the figure disappeared.

Durand just went straight on home where he noticed that a window he had locked was now open and there were muddy footprints inside the house. As he walked inside carefully, he noticed a string which he pulled with his umbrella. Right then a gun went off, and the bullet would have hit Durand straight in the chest if he did not notice the string which was hard to see in the dark, Durand told the paper he would have died if not for the warning of his late wife.

3. The Woman Who Was Dead for 56 Minutes

50-year-old Sonia Burton counts herself as a living miracle, for a good reason too because she was dead for 56 minutes following a heart attack.

Sonia’s day was just like any other as she showed up for work at a bingo hall, but as her shift started, she felt a pain in her chest and then collapsed. Paramedics were on the scene quickly and worked for the next 56 minutes to try to save Sonia as she was being transported the hospital. It was during this time that Sonia said she received a message from her late husband John who died of a heart attack in 2004

She said: “The only thing I remember is my late husband coming to me and saying ‘It’s not your time Sonia. Go back to the children.’ Then I woke up in hospital.”

4. The Mother’s Ghost

In March of 2015, emergency responders responded to a report about an overturned car in an icy river. When they arrived, they saw a woman and a baby who was strapped in a seat in the back of her mother’s car, which was hanging upside down in cold water.

Here’s where it gets creepy, when the rescuers entered the water they say they heard a voice calling for help. The 25-year-old mother was already dead, but the officers swear they heard an adult’s voice calling out to them for help.

Officer Jared Warner of the Spanish Fork Police Department was one of the first to reach the vehicle; he told the Desert News that “We’ve gotten together and to just talk about it and all four of us swear that we heard somebody inside the car saying, ‘Help,’”

Officer Bryan Dewitt who was also on the scene said “The only people in there were the deceased mother and the child.” Officer Tyler Beddoes another responder said they couldn’t explain it, but have no doubt they heard it.

“It wasn’t just something that was just in our heads. To me it was plain as day cause I remember hearing a voice,” Beddoes told the Deseret News. “I think it was Dewitt who said, ‘We’re trying. We’re trying our best to get in there.’ How do you explain that? I don’t know,”

Also, it was a miracle that little Lily survived, as she was hanging upside down for almost 14 hours in her car seat with no food or water with the icy river flowing right below her head and temperatures dropping to near freezing throughout the night.