Have you ever wondered if you were something or someone else in your past life? Or if you had a past life in the first place?

A chief question for many philosophers and scientists alike is whether or not humans have souls. A soul is the spiritual, immortal part of a human being that pre-exists the body and stays alive after death. It is the reason why people are able, if possible, to reincarnate and start a new life in a different body.

Although many people do believe that they have souls, others are skeptical and want real evidence of the existence of such spiritual entities. So without further ado, here are clues that may prove we all have souls.

1. Soul Captured on Photo & Video

Sometimes we see photos that seem to capture images of ghosts or an always blurry bigfoot so it would make sense that cameras may be able to capture souls as well and regardless of whether they are real photos or not, they are always interesting and sometimes very hard to explain.

For example, in Powell County, Kentucky there supposedly was a horrible motorbike crash, and a guy named Sal Vazquez took a picture of the incident while driving by in his truck. Vazquez posted his picture on Facebook to share the devastating news, but what he received in the comments wasn’t what he expected. People who saw the picture claimed that Vazquez had captured the dead man’s soul leaving his body. They shared the post, and eventually, it became viral. The picture shows a translucent, human-shaped figure leaving the body of the man who passed away.

Next, we take a look at a video posted in a Chinese hospital. Which showed the body of a deceased woman lying on a stretcher. The body was covered by a sheet, and the room was dark, and you can clearly see a ghostly figure begins to exit the body of the deceased woman. Now if this were real, I would just hope that this is something that can only be captured on camera because can you imagine seeing this in real life. I’m glad this was in a hospital because I would definitely have a heart attack.

2. Near Death Experiences

We all know the story, someone almost dies and is brought back to life, they then talk about a white light and probably heading towards it. But that’s the thing, you’ve heard about it before because it happens a lot and the stories all seem to be pretty similar.

For example, after the horrific Tang Mountain Earthquake in 1976, doctors brought many victims back from the brinks of death with most of these individuals recounting similar experiences of floating above their own bodies and instead of pain and fear they felt very much at peace. And although according to a 2011 study in which researchers say near death experiences are just biological reactions, a Harvard Neurosurgeon named Dr. Eben Alexander disagrees.

Dr. Alexander didn’t believe that souls existed. But one day, Dr. he fell into a coma for a week due to bacterial meningitis. During that time, he claimed to have a surreal journey into the afterlife in which he experienced something so real that it made the human world seem artificial in comparison. He also said that the afterlife was filled with love and that communication in that dimension was telepathic.

People didn’t need to speak to each other to understand what they were trying to say. When he regained consciousness seven days later, he was healed of his meningitis and was so intrigued by his otherworldly experience that he wrote an entire book on it called “Proof of Heaven.”

3. Bioelectric Photographs

Next, we have an experiment done by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person using a special bioelectrographic camera at the time of his death. Korotkov teaches physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University and is famous for his research on human energy fields. The bioelectrographic camera creates a high-intensity electric field and produces a flow around the object. Once, Korotkov photographed a person at the moment of his death, and the pictures showed him the soul leaving the body. He explained that the life force (in blue) first left the core, then the head, and lastly the heart and groin.

4. Brain Activities


Canadian Neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Penfield is responsible for a lot of what we currently understand about our brains and is widely considered the father of neurosurgery. For years Penfield though that the brain could explain all human behavior, but after decades of research, he changed his mind. For example in one experiment Penfield conducted. He wanted to observe the brain activity of one of his subjects, so he set up a system that would monitor all the subject’s brain activities.

He first told the subject to raise his hand, and when he raised his arm, a certain part of his brain was activated. When he took his arm down, that same part of the brain was deactivated. At the same time, Penfield asked the subject did you raise your arm, which the subject replied, “Yes I did.”

Then, Dr. Penfield used a machine to activate that part of the brain again but this time artificially. The arm rose up. Then, he deactivated that part of the brain, and the arm fell down. When asked again if he raised his arm the subject said No it went up by itself. This simple experiment is really amazing because in the second case, it was Penfield who triggered the brain to cause the arm to go up, but in the first case who or what triggered the brain?

Because of this Penfield concluded that: “The brain is a computer, but it is programmed by something outside of itself.”

He also said in his last book The Mystery of the Mind, “I came to take seriously, even to believe, that the consciousness of man, the mind, is NOT something to be reduced to brain mechanism.

5. Ghosts

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts… well actually that’s a lie, I am deathly afraid of ghosts. Personally, I think ghost hunting is one of the worst things that you can do. I mean what are you doing? You don’t have a proton pack, what are you gonna do when a ghost attack? Throw your iPhone at it. Oh, there’s the ghost, oh it’s getting close, and now it’s choking me, and now I’m dead… But seriously, we all know there are countless pictures and videos and testimonials out there that are evidence that ghosts may in fact exist and ghosts are suppose to be lost souls so this is also evidence that we do indeed have souls.

6. Reincarnation

Throughout history there have been countless cases of people remembering their past lives, some cultures even treat reincarnation as fact.

Professor Ian Stevenson formerly of the University of Virginia and his successor Dr. Jim Tucker spent decades researching claims of reincarnation by children and is said to have investigated over 3000 cases. In many of these cases like the people, mainly children were able to remember incredibly specific details of their previous lives.

For example one of the cases was a boy known as Sam, Sam was four years old when his grandmother died. His father brought an old photo album home from her house when he cleaned it out. To Sam’s parents’ knowledge, Sam had never seen a photo of his grandfather.

When they were looking through the album, Sam pointed to a photo of a car, and said: “That’s my car.” It was his grandfather’s first car. Sam’s mother was skeptical, so she showed him a photo of his grandfather as a young boy with other boys of the same age. Sam pointed to his grandfather and said, “There I am.”

Testing it further, Sam’s mother asked if he remembered anything else from his past life. Sam said someone “turned my sister into a fish.” When asked who, Sam replied “Bad men.”
It turns out the grandfather’s sister had been murdered, and her corpse was dumped in a body of water.

Do you think that humans have souls?


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