We all want superpowers, I actually think it would be awesome if somehow we are all evolving into mutants and eventually our own unique superpowers would come out. I actually think if that happens, there would be a whole lot less crime in the world because you don’t know what powers other people possess. Imagine if a mugger tries to mug a little old grandma, but then the grandma shoots lasers out of her eyes and goes all Cyclops on the mugger.

But what if we all do have powers and we just don’t know it. Here are some superpowers you probably didn’t you had.

1. Super Strength

Super strength or hysterical strength, is a display of crazy abnormal strength when people are in life and death situations.  Although many of these cases were documented, super strength is not recognized by medical science mainly due to the fact that it’s kinda hard to gather evidence on this stuff because they happen without warning and researchers can’t just point the gun at someone and tell them to go lift a car.

Like I said there are many documented cases of super strength. For example In 2006 in Tucson, Ariz., Tim Boyle watched as a Chevrolet Camaro hit 18-year-old Kyle Holtrust. The car pinned Holtrust, still alive, underneath. Boyle ran to the scene of the accident and lifted the Camaro off the teenager, while the driver of the car pulled him to safety.

And if you’re thinking maybe Time Boyle was just that strong, well In 1982, in Lawrenceville, Ga., Angela Cavallo lifted a 1964 Chevrolet Impala from her son, Tony, after it fell off the jacks that had held it up while he worked underneath the car. Mrs. Cavallo lifted the car high enough and long enough for two neighbors to replace the jacks and pull Tony from beneath the car. and a 1964 Chevrolet Impala is at least 3,500 pounds.

And finally, Marie “Bootsy” Payton was cutting her lawn in High Island, Texas when her riding mower got away from her. Payton’s young granddaughter, Evie, tried to stop the mower but was knocked underneath the still-running machine. Payton reached the mower and easily tossed it off her granddaughter, limiting Evie’s injuries to four severed toes. Curious, Payton later tried to lift the mower again and found she couldn’t move it.

scientists believe The extra strength comes from the adrenaline that is pumped into the body when the region of the brain called the hypothalamus is stimulated. But of course are not sure that is the cause of this phenomenon.

2. Echolocation


When a bat flies through the air, it rapidly emits a series of high-pitched clicks, as many as 200 per second. The clicks are far higher in pitch than the human ear can hear but The bats hear them easily. By analyzing the way the sounds bounce off objects in their surroundings and following cues in the volume, direction, and speed at which these sounds return, bats can effectively see in the pitch-black dark.

But did you know that humans—both sighted and vision-impaired—are capable of something similar and sometimes they event taught themselves this ability naturally?

For example, Daniel Kish was Blind from infancy due to retinal cancer. He learned as a young boy to judge his height while climbing trees by making rapid clicking noises and listening for their echoes off the ground. No one taught him the technique He just started using it. He’s gotten so good at it, one of his favorite things to do is mountain biking.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to be visually impaired to be able to use Echolocation. even an hour or so of practice can provide immediate results. But of course if you want to become an expert, it would take years of practice but the good news is, Yes you can actually learn to become Daredevil.

3. Body Temperature Control

Imagine the ability to control your own body temperature, and I’m not just talking about maybe going out on a chilly autumn day and not needing a jacket I’m talking about having the ability to raise your body temperature so much you can actually dry sheets soaked in freezing water in a fridged room.

In a monastery in northern India, Tibetan monks entered into a state of deep meditation in a cold 40  degrees Fahrenheit room while 3×6 foot sheets soaked in cold water was wrapped around them. Soon steam began rising from the sheets. and the sheets dried in about an hour.

Herbert Benson an associate professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School firmly believes that studying advanced forms of meditation “can uncover capacities that will help us to better treat stress-related illnesses.”

During visits to remote monasteries in the 1980s, Benson and his team studied monks living in the Himalayan Mountains who could, by through meditation, raise the temperatures of their fingers and toes by as much as 17 degrees. and lower their metabolism by 64 percent.

To put that decrease in perspective, metabolism, or oxygen consumption, drops only 10-15 percent in sleep.

They also documented monks spending the night outside, 15,000 feet high in the Himalayas in February when temperatures reached zero degrees F. Wearing only woolen or cotton shawls, the monks fell asleep immediately and then walked back to the monastery in the morning like they just spent the night at Ritz Carlton. If I could do this, I would just go walk around Antarctica, no reason, just walk around in a Superman T-shirt and if anyone asks, not that I expect to run into a buncha people, I’ll just tell them I got locked out of the fortress of solitude.

4. Immunity to Pain

This power is very useful! Especially when you give yourself a papercut, fall off your bike, getting tortured for information by the mob. I mean wouldn’t it be great to just be able to not feel pain whenever you want. Well, that may be possible because as they say pain is just a state of mind. First of all the already contain morphine-like substances called endorphins which is released into the body during exercise, excitement and when you hurt yourself, and it has the power to dull or completely eliminate pain by coating the receiving end of the synapses in the brain that would otherwise receive pain signals from the rest of your body.

There are also many cases where people are able to control the amount of pain they feel on command. Professional hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Alex Lenkei hypnotized himself before his hand surgery so he could skip the anesthetic says he was fully awake and pain-free during the 83-minute procedure. Lenkei says anesthetic has gotten him nauseous before, and he just feels avoiding it is healthier than using it, in part because it takes awhile to get it out of your system.

he told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez that Doctors “were using a chisel, hammer to basically break a sort of walnut-sized bone in the hand to take it out. They also used a small medical saw to attach the tendon to the thumb.”

He said he didn’t feel anything at all, just very deep relaxation. I remember my psychology teacher in college used to do this too, every time he would go to the dentist he would ask him how long the procedure was and just put himself under for that amount of time. So like I mentioned before, if he was ever being tortured by the mob….hey guys, how long you intend to torture me for? Oh, 48 hours…ok thanks for the heads up. but he prob wouldn’t feel very good after he comes out of that state. This is also useful if you ever take your kids to a Justin Beiber concert.

5. Time Manipulation


So yea this is what Neo did in Matrix or time stalling, for those of you who have ever seen the show Time Trex. Oh and Max Payne calls this “bullet time.” Basically in moments of extreme duress, such as that which police experience during a shooting, human perception alters radically.

Over a period of five years, a researcher named Alexis Artwohl gave hundreds of police officers a written survey to fill out about their shooting experiences. What’s really interesting is that virtually all of the officers reported experiencing at least one major perceptual distortion. For some, time moved in slow motion. For others, it sped up.  one cop wrote that  ‘During a violent shoot-out I looked over… and was puzzled to see beer cans slowly floating through the air past my face. What was even more puzzling was that they had the word Federal printed on the bottom. They turned out to be the shell casings ejected by the officer who was firing next to me.’

Experts say it’s because your brain has two modes of experiencing the world, rational and experiential. The first one is calm and rational. But if someone all of a sudden shows up in front of you with a gun you’ll suddenly be in the experiential mode.

Your brain goes into a kind of overdrive, bypassing normal processes in favor of hair-trigger decision-making. Most normal thinking processes are scrapped, and suddenly you’re operating on instinct. And because you’re processing information faster, the world seems to be moving slower.

Which superpower would you want? Let us know!