Australian scientists discovered a method to help people to control their dreams. Besides making nap time cooler than the latest 8K Virtual Reality, this provides a scientific solution for people who suffer from sleep problems like nightmares.

Dr. Denholm Aspy, from the University of Adelaide’s School of Psychology, suggests people trying to control their dreams experience lucid dreaming try these methods. These techniques got a 17% success rate after just one week, with the MILD technique got 46% success.

1. Reality Check

Check yourself before you wake yourself. During the day, condition your mind to question the validity of your experience: “Am I dreaming? Is this real?” You will learn to catch yourself in a dream and then be conscious inside your dream.


2. Find Your REM

The Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep phase is when we dream. It makes up ~25% of our sleep cycle, first occurs in 70~90 minutes, and repeats several times a night. During REM, you access memories from parts of the brain responsible for learning and mood.


3. Mind MILD

A study led by Dr. Denholm Aspy at the University of Adelaide’s School of Psychology on lucid dreaming found that people can indeed increase their chances of lucid dreaming. The research group studied three different techniques – reality testing, wake back to bed, and MILD. Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) is when you set your intention to realize you’re dreaming. Before you go to sleep, tell yourself “I WILL remember when I’m dreaming!”. Dr. Apsy says,

“Importantly, those who reported success using the MILD technique were significantly less sleep deprived the next day, indicating that lucid dreaming did not have any negative effect on sleep quality.”

“These results take us one step closer to developing highly effective lucid dream induction techniques that will allow us to study the many potential benefits of lucid dreaming, such as treatment for nightmares and improvement of physical skills and abilities through rehearsal in the lucid dream environment.”

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