Many of us have heard of various speculations regarding paranormal phenomena as well as theories concerning the existence of mythical, supernatural and extraterrestrial beings. We’ve also heard of complex conspiracy theories about secret organizations and shady government institutions plotting to destabilize modern society and establish a new world order ruled only by a handful of powerful and incredibly wealthy individuals.

Out of so many grand conspiracy theories that have been proposed in the past few decades, perhaps one stands out among the rest.

It’s called “Project Blue Beam.”

Conspiracy Theory

So, you’re probably wondering, “What is Project Blue Beam?” Essentially, proponents of this conspiracy theory claim that NASA is plotting together with the United Nations to introduce a New Age religion to the citizens of the world, which will be headed by the Antichrist. By orchestrating the Second Coming of the Messiah through the use of advanced and top-secret holographic technology, the public will then have no other choice but to embrace the New World Order that these faceless organizations plan to establish.

This elaborate theory was developed in the 1990s by a Canadian journalist and conspiracy theorist named Serge Monast. He later publicized his beliefs on NASA’s plan to take over the world by conducting lectures in the mid-1990s and by publishing his book titled “Project Blue Beam (NASA)” in 1994.

4 Steps of Project Blue Beam

According to Monast: “Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible!” He believed that without religion, a dictatorial government in the new world that NASA plans to create would have no chance of succeeding. And so, to introduce a new age religion and successfully crown the chosen Antichrist as the people’s spiritual leader, NASA’s Project Blue Beam entails four difficult but crucial steps.

1) Distort and destroy all existing archaeological knowledge. 

To do this, artificial earthquakes will be set off in strategic locations across the globe where “new” discoveries containing falsified information will be made. This fabricated knowledge will point out the errors of existing religious doctrines, which in turn, will supposedly shake the faith of Christians and Muslims and convince them to abandon their misguided beliefs. With the people’s current way of thinking destroyed, NASA and the United Nations can then easily indoctrinate everyone with new ideals.

2) Orchestrate a “gigantic space show” for all the world to see. 

To complete this stage of the conspiracy, NASA will be using a highly-advanced laser technology to project three-dimensional optical holograms in different areas of the Earth. These holographic images will resemble the appearance of the deity that’s most predominant in a specific region and is capable of speaking all existing languages. Before this “space show” ends, the hologram of these deities will morph into a single god – the Antichrist.

Monast mentioned in his book that the purpose of staging a holographic falsification of this new “One God” is to dissolve the world’s social order and to cause religious disorder on a massive scale. Nations will turn against one another, and there will be political anarchy and utter chaos exacerbated by some global catastrophe. The pandemonium will convince the people to abolish all religions and to support the Antichrist in making way for the “golden age” of mankind.

3) “Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication”

This entails tricking people into thinking that their god is communicating with them through telepathy. In reality, this “artificial thought” is just transmitted to every individual through low-frequency radio waves.

4) “Universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means.” 

This stage of the plan entails three kinds of orientations.

The first orientation is to convince the public that the world is about to be invaded by extraterrestrial beings. Because of the huge threat to mankind’s existence, every major nation will feel compelled to strike back using nuclear weaponry. However, the invasion will later turn out to be false, and the United Nations will have enough grounds to order the disarming of all nuclear weapons.

The second orientation involves leading Christians to believe that the Rapture is upon them, while the third one involves a combination of “electronic and supernatural forces.” By this time, all types of electronic equipment and appliances will have a microchip installed in them. This will allow waves to be transmitted through optical fibers, coaxial cables, as well as electrical and telephone lines, which in turn will push people to the brink of madness and hysteria and hypnotize them into committing suicide and murder.

As for what happens after completing all four steps, Monast wrote the following in his book:

“After the night of the thousand stars, worldwide populations will ready for the new messiah to re-establish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.”

Once the world has welcomed the establishment of the New World Order, everyone left will be forced to swear fealty to Lucifer through a ritual initiation. Those who resist, on the other hand, will suffer terrible fates. For example, Christian children will either be sold as sex slaves or be offered as human sacrifices. Prisoners will be used as subjects of various medical experiments and as involuntary organ donors.  Some will be executed while those that could be “rehabilitated” will be sent to re-education camps. To rejoin society, they must repent for their crimes on television and learn to embrace the new global dictatorial government.

Real Or Hoax?

Monast’s theory surrounding Project Blue Beam paints an unsavory picture of a world that no one wants to be a part of and most people would not even dare to imagine. It’s such an unpleasant future that it’s easy to disregard the likelihood of it ever happening within our lifetime. But does that automatically mean there are no little bits of truth in his claims at all?

Those who choose to believe that there is some truth in Monast’s allegations about NASA, the United Nations, and the Blue Beam Project have raised several pieces of evidence to support their claim. First is the suspicious death of the proponents researching about Project Blue Beam. Serge Monast and an unnamed journalist working on the same theory died of heart attack within weeks of each other. Neither one of them purportedly had a history of heart disease in their family, and it is believed they were assassinated by order of the Canadian government to prevent them from pursuing their investigation any further.

Recent unusual events have also been raised by these believers as proof that Project Blue Beam does exist. For example, in June 2017, around 2,000 people in different parts of the United States reported witnessing unusually bright, and colored lights appear in the night sky. They looked a lot like UFOs hovering over our planet as if they were about to invade. In the end, NASA claimed responsibility for the event as the multi-colored artificial clouds on the sky was supposedly produced by the agency’s “Malemute” sounding rocket.

Most people thought nothing more of the luminescent clouds they saw after NASA called it “an early Independence Day fireworks display.” A few, however, insist that the space agency was testing technologies that could be used to instill fear among the public.

As for those who regard Project Blue Beam as nothing more than a hoax, they claim that the actual source of the theory can be found in an unmade “Star Trek” film script developed by Gene Roddenberry. The plot of his story involved a spaceship floating in the sky, which sent down beings that resembled religious prophets like Jesus Christ. The idea did not take off in the 1970s, but it was eventually reworked as a plot for an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in the 1990s.

At this point, Project Blue Beam has been widely debunked not only by mainstream scientists but also within the community of unconventional theorists as Monast’s allegations cast doubt on the existence of other disputed phenomena such as supernatural and extraterrestrial beings.

Today, many regard Project Blue Beam as nothing more than a fictitious theory inspired by a famous science fiction franchise. After all, it’s hard enough for some people to believe that UFO sightings are proof of extraterrestrial presence on Earth. But to have us automatically accept that they are just holographic simulations projected by our government to make us believe that the Rapture is upon us to usher in a “new world” is just too tall an order for even among the best of us.




  1. to be honest it’s probably the most perfect way to go about things kind of like the boy who cried wolf they’ve cried wolf so many times that when should happens ain’t nobody going to actually believe it this is what they want if you go ahead and look at each step of Project Blue beam you will notice that the majority of them have already been taken for example the war we have with Iraq they can lie to us all we want the fact remains is Iraq holds some of the world’s most religious Antiquities more than proving the Bible but see this is no good for the government because they want to be the new God hence to why they want us to sign everything